skip gas air terry 'that's gross' and listen to the alito hearings on pacifica

did you catch pacifica's live coverage of the alito hearings?

if you are following them or want to the follow them, i hope you're using pacifica. npr isn't providing the live coverage.

gas air? terry 'that's gross' had 2 guests, a historian and some 1 to discuss classical music. both white, by the way. no, i didn't listen to npr.

i did visit the site to see if they'd rethought their decision that hearings on a potential supreme court justice was just another day in the senate?

they didn't.

and that's too bad.

for a number of reasons.

1) they are supposed to be public radio and this is of public interest.

remember how they took their bows and tried to act modest when they aired the party conventions that the networks wouldn't?

all that talk about obligations to the public?

somehow the supreme court, lifetime appointment, isn't an obligation.

2) best reason they should have covered?

if gas air's terry 'that's gross' had been present when john cornyn was speaking, i think the senate building would have floated right off the ground.

common ills community member billie has talked a lot about cornyn, he's her senator, and his cornyisms.

i enjoy it anytime c.i. posts any of billie's 'look, here he goes with another cornyism!' comments. but i wasn't prepared for him.

as i listened to him ramble from 1 topic to another, i would have thought the man insane if i honestly believed he meant a word he said.

at 1 point, he was speaking of school prayer and working himself into a case of the dry heaves over students wanting to pray at a school football game when all the sudden something else caught his attention and he started ranting that depictions of sex and violence are allowed but public expressions of religion are not.

okay, help me out here, but are students allowed to depict sex at a sporting event? i'm remembering get balled out by an assistant principal just for kissing in the bleachers. and violence?

is corny calling football violent? i thought he was from the state of texas?

if you're looking for easy laughs, always stand within ear range of john cornyn because his cornyisms will have you rolling on the floor.

the other thing was hearing christine todd whitman tell the senate how to vote and how to do their job. unless i'm remembering wrongly, todd whitman could have used some 1 explaining what an epa administrator does?

but there she was, doing the bully boy's bidding yet again, telling congress not only that they should vote for alito, but also the meaning of the senate.

has christy forgotten that she never won that senate race? she challenged bill bradley and she lost.

but she's always been the insider playing outsider so maybe this time she confused herself?

1 thing i was pushing to get highlighted at the third estate sunday review this weekend was c.i.'s 'NYT: Dexy & John will never forget that summer when . . ." so if you missed it, check that out. it's an important read. another heads up i want to note is that trina has started her own site, trina's kitchen. trina is a member of the common ills community and she is also mike's mother. she's also a really great person so look forward to her posting at trina's kitchen on saturdays.

let me do 1 more shout out. if you're a common ills community member, read your round-robins. gina and krista do an incredible job on those and this week, it's not weekly, it's day by day by day . . . throughout the alito hearing.