'scandal' off until march 1st

so olivia's crossed over to the side of evil.

and now she may make it back but we won't know until march 1st when the next episode airs.

the episode had quinn and rowan argue.  he threatened her daughter to show her how she would respond and said no 1 would harm olivia, he wouldn't allow it.

olivia meanwhile is trying to take down jake before mellie can announce him chief of staff.

she outs an affair jake's wife is having but not before framing the guy to look like a russian spy.

so it looks like jake's wife is sleeping with a russian spy.  she spins the press so jake will have to resign as nsa.

she then goes to cyrus for his help.  he stabs her in the back and comes up with a way to save jake.  he tells mellie how they can do it.

jake's wife gives an interview explaining she had been asked to spy for the c.i.a. and she got evidence that the guy was a russian spy (he was not, they're willing to sacrifice him).

then mellie signs an order saying that's what they saying.

cyrus has just set mellie up.

he has a copy of that order and goes to olivia.

she can be chief of staff ... when she forces mellie's impeachment by holding a press conference and waiving the document around.

it's proof mellie lied.

olivia insists she can't.

cyrus wants to be president and tells her she will.

she goes to mellie's doctor's appointment and confronts mellie.  she's giving a courtesy to mellie, she's telling her that tomorrow morning there will be a press conference where she will show the document.  she advises mellie to take responsibility in her resignation speech because the women who follow mellie (as president) will be impacted by how mellie handles her own resignation.

quinn tells roland that she will leave with her daughter and charlie and never show up again, olivia will be safe and this is the way out.

he lets her go only to later find out when charlie's trying to contact quinn that quinn lied to him.

olivia comes home to find a baby in her living room.  quinn tells her that she wanted olivia to see her granddaughter ... then shows her gun and explains it's needed for killing olivia.

she trains her gun on olivia. 

olivia tells her b-16 agents are across the street and have guns trained on quinn.  sooner or later, they'll get tired of waiting to see what happens and they will shoot quinn.

quinn says she's bluffing.

then a shot.

olivia and quinn drop to the floor.

olivia's the 1 shot.

she tells quinn to leave while she still can.

she gets roland to stitch her up.

she tells him quinn really hates her.  she also confronts him about bluffing that he killed quinn and he says it was the only way to get his bones back.

mellie tells jake what olivia's planned and he starts thinking of ways to fight back but she tells him it's over.

next morning, press is gathered outside a building.

olivia walks outside to a podium.

she starts speaking and looks at her speech where she's going to call for mellie's resignation.

instead, she announces her own resignation.

over at the office, huck's face breaks into a grin and abby looks to where he's looking.

it's charlie with quinn and their baby.

again, next episode march 1st - it's a 'scandal' and 'how to get away with murder' cross-over.

let's close with c.i.'s 'Iraq snapshot:'

Thursday, February 8, 2018.  US troops continue to bomb Iraq and continue to provide military support but let's pretend no combat is taking place, in advance of Iraq's elections we see coalitions form and coalitions splinter, and much more.

Remember all that talk of changed mission for forces remaining in Iraq?

It's not as safe as they made it sound, is it?

Iraqi forces, backed by a US-led coalition, advanced in a major operation against Islamic State group jihadists hiding out in a northeastern desert region

A USMC M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tank, assigned to 1st Platoon, Alpha Co. 2nd Tank Battalion, provides security along the Iraqi/Syrian border south of Husaybuh, Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Again, not the way the US press has been spinning.  Imagine that.

And US war planes continue combat missions (dropping bombs) over Iraq.

: warplanes bombed a house full of civilians near the Syrian Iraqi border. Many civilians including children were killed

The Iraq War continues.  Next month is the 15th anniversary.

My son was an infant when we went to war with Afghanistan and 3 when I deployed to Iraq. More than 16 years later, veterans like myself are facing the possibility of sending our children to fight in the same wars we engaged in.

15 years and still no talk of pulling all US troops out of Iraq.

A "drawdown," yes.  That means some troops out (to go to Afghanistan) -- not all.  And the request is for those to be replaced by NATO troops.

Nothing really changes.

The fakers just keep faking.

Did someone say Pelosi?

Yes, Nancy was grandstanding yesterday yet again.  Eight hours on the floor of the House spitting out a lot of meaningless words that didn't change a damn thing because Nancy only delivers empty words.  Now, granted, this one was for 8 hours and Nancy never gave eight hours to the Iraq War.  But this will end the same way as her 'protest' against the Iraq War did.

Fakers gotta' fake.

May 12th, elections are supposed to take place in Iraq.  Hayder al-Abadi's danced for his western masters/owners quite well and hopes to be rewarded with a second term as prime minister.  Nouri al-Maliki alos has his eyes set on the post after being ejected from it in 2014.  Over the weekend, a ridiculous account posted insisting Nouri wasn't interested in the post anymore.  We've heard stories like this before.  They're never true.

In an attempt to pull support from Nouri, Hayder attempted to create an 'expansive' coalition but it didn't work out the way he hoped.  First to flee was the most criticized component, the militias.  Others soon followed.

If popular votes mattered -- 2010 made clear they don't (Nouri was voted out of office but refused to step down and then-US President Barack Obama utilized The Erbil Agreement to give Nouri a second term) -- then one to watch would be Shi'ite cleric and movement leader Moqtada al-Sadr who remains a popular figure in Iraq and whose anti-corruption calls have been embraced by many Iraqis.

Mustafa Habib (NIQASH) reports:

Last week Iraqi cleric Muqtada al-Sadr released a somewhat surprising statement, explaining why he had allied himself with the Iraqi Communist party and other secular and civil society groups, to compete in upcoming federal elections.
“If we enter into an alliance with the Shiites, people say it is a sectarian alliance. And if we enter an alliance with the Sunnis, people accuse me of Wahhabism [an extreme form of Sunni Islam], Baathism [support for Saddam Hussein’s former Sunni-majority party, now outlawed in Iraq] or loyalty to Saudi Arabia,” read a statement issued by al-Sadr last Friday. “If we enter into an alliance with the civil society stream, they say we are Communists. When we enter into an alliance with parties close to Iran, they accuse us of being Iranian loyalists and when we get closer to Arab parties, they say we are secret agents for them. I will participate in elections for the sake of Iraq, to support moderate people and to expel extremists, to achieve reform and to end corruption and nepotism,” al-Sadr declared in the rousing statement.  
To compete in the elections, slated for May, the powerful young cleric, whose opinion can sway tens of thousands of Iraqis, formed a new political party called Istiqama, or the Integrity party. Then al-Sadr joined that with a number of left wing and more liberal parties and formed a whole new alliance for the elections named Marching Toward Reform. This is the slogan that al-Sadr adopted three years ago when he and the left-wing parties first came together in anti-government and anti-corruption demonstrations in 2015.
In doing this, al-Sadr confirms his rejection of the Shiite Muslim bloc to which he was once so closely connected. And of course, he has come under fire for this.
The Marching Toward Reform alliance is composed of six parties, the most prominent of which are al-Sadr’s new Integrity party, the Iraqi Communist party and the Iraqi Republican party, an Iraqi nationalist group led by a Sunni Muslim politician, Saad Assim al-Janabi.

“The alliance’s aim is to change the balance of power and to weaken sectarian parties and corrupt people, as well as mobilize that portion of the population that is interested in changing the status quo,” Jassim al-Halfi, a senior member of the Communist party told NIQASH. These goals are what unites the alliance.  “The alliance is trying to fulfil the demands of demonstrators from three years ago and to defend the interests of the Iraqi people,” he added. “The demonstrators have not been adequately represented in government and nobody has paid them enough attention.”

How the alliance will work out is anyone's guess at this point.

And the Sunnis?  Omar Sattar (AL-MONITOR) notes:

Out of the 27 alliances registered with the Independent High Electoral Commission for the upcoming Iraqi general elections set for May, around 10 alliances represent the Sunni community. In fact, most of these alliances used to be part of the Coalition of Iraqi Sunni Forces.
The most notable coalitions are the Iraqi Decision Alliance led by Vice President Osama al-Nujaifi and Sheikh Khamis al-Khanjar; the National Coalition led by former Vice President Ayad Allawi, parliament Speaker Salim al-Jabouri and former Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq; and the Solidarity Coalition led by Sheikh Wadhah al-Sadid.
Although the parties organized conferences last year, namely in Ankara and Oman, with the support of some Arab countries and Turkey in the hopes of uniting the different Sunni parties and establishing a common political project, they were not able to form an inclusive political coalition. There were many reasons behind this failure, namely the “struggle for power,” as Dhafer al-Ani, a leader in the Iraqi Decision Alliance, expressed.
Ani told Al-Monitor that the “conferences held by Sunni parties over the past period aimed at a unified Sunni project, yet this project could not be completed because of the current divisions between the Sunnis in power and those of the opposition.”

Is Sattar reading the situation correctly?
Maybe not.
His terming Ayad Allawi a "former" vice president of Iraq shows either a weak knowledge base or a hostility towards Allawi.
Allawi remains one of Iraq's three vice presidents.
Hayder tried to do away with the post.  The court overruled him.
That was some time ago.  And just last month, Sattar referred to Nouri al-Maliki as Vice President.
Sattar clearly doesn't question the court's verdict.
He just doesn't want to acknowledge that Allawi is also a vice president?
Who knows but there appears to be prejudice at play which makes his 'reporting' questionable.
(Osama al-Nujafi is the third of Iraq's three vice presidents.) 

As for the Kurds?

Gorran, PUK, KDP, KIG, KIU & CDJ met, seem to have agreed to run for Iraqi elex in a joint list in disputed areas. Gorran, CDJ & KIG already had a joint list, KDP has boycotted elex in Kirkuk. Gorran, KIG & CDJ should not accept it forces who have only brought disasters for KRI.

RUDAW reports:

In another attempt to unify the Kurdish vote ahead of Iraq’s elections, political parties of the Kurdistan Region met on Tuesday to discuss coordinating in the disputed areas. The parties’ election offices will meet again to talk technical aspects of an alliance.

"The meeting looked into the way in which we can participate in the Article 140 territories and disputed territories in the upcoming Iraqi elections," Dr. Rebwar Karim, spokesperson of the newly formed Coalition for Democracy and Justice (CDJ), told Rudaw.

The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), Gorran, Kurdistan Islamic Group (Komal), Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU), and other parties were all in attendance.

"The Kurdish parties have shown like-mindedness, and only the technical aspect of it remains. I hope we will reach a good result," Rebaz Berkuty, a member of the PUK delegation, told journalists.

He added that the Kurdish parties need to be united and provide a collective redefinition of the situation following the events of October 16 when Iraqi forces took control of the majority of the disputed areas.

"We have to try to be united in the upcoming elections and show the enemies of the Kurds that we are united when it comes to national questions," Berkuty explained.

Let's wind down with this Tweet:

Iraqi armed forces previously arrested Obeid at his Baghdad home on October 22, 2017, a day after Obeid had published an article to his page criticizing Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, CPJ documented.

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    today's scandal plus richard & marlon slept together

    i hope you're following the scandal that's been brewing today.

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      MUST READ: Did Obama lie? New texts indicate then-POTUS’ knowledge in Hillary investigation via

    this is big.

    1 more thing to note?

    it's now confirmed that richard pryor and marlon brando slept together.

    quiny jones had referenced it and now richard's ex and widow jennifer lee confirms it.

    richard and marlon.


    good for them.

    let's close with c.i.'s 'Iraq snapshot:'

    Wednesday, February 7, 2018.  To parade or not to parade?

    Yes, it's come to this in the US -- a deep squabble, a loud one, between a few on opposing sides about . . .

    A parade?

    This is the latest weapon in political discourse.

    Yellow bird flying 
    Get shot in the wing 
    good year for hunters
    And Christmas parties 
    And I hate and I hate 
    And I hate and I hate 
    Elevator music 
    The way we fight 
    The way I'm left here silent 
    Oh these little earthquakes 
    Here we go again 
    These little earthquakes 
    Doesn't take much to rip us into pieces
    "Little Earthquakes," written by Tori Amos, first appears on her LITTLE EARTHQUAKES album

    Donald Trump's been proposing a parade for a year.

    The parade would apparently be for the veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars.

    This proposal does not please some.

    Not even dumbass Bush did a military parade and he had no respect for the troops he sent to die for lies in Iraq.

    Does that make sense?

    Bully Boy Bush didn't do it so, by Oliver Willis' 'logic,' it shouldn't be done.

    They don't hire the brightest or the best for David Brock's bordello, do they?

    Military parades?

    I'm personally opposed and wouldn't attend.  I think they're a glorification of destruction and death.

    That is my personal opinion.

    I'm fully aware that many disagree with that.

    I'm also fully aware that the wars have not ended which remains my biggest objection to a parade.

    That said, many see parades as important and if we're going to wait until these wars end, when will the parade be?  A hundred years from now?

    IAVA was calling for a parade near the end of Barack Obama's first term as president.

    I opposed that, and said so publicly, because a parade would allow many politicians to take the attitude of "Okay, we've checked that box off and are done."  Meaning?  There were important issues like the damage done by burnpits, the number of homeless veterans, the VA's inability to address the needs of veterans, veterans suicide rate and so much more.  A parade would mean that politicians would feel less pressure to address these issues.

    Well it's all this time later and despite so many promises, all the problems still remain.

    You have veterans who have served.  They feel they deserve some sort of acknowledgment for that.  You have friends and family who've lost loved ones who served in the wars, they need closure on that (even though there's still no closure on the war).

    The suicide rate?

    Could a parade drop it?

    I have no idea.  It's possible that a parade might have prevented one suicide if it had taken place now.  It might have led to a connection at the parade for someone who was overwhelmed in civilian life, it might have led to a conversation for one veteran needing help.  I have no idea but if it can possibly help even one, I'm all for it.

    The wars have not ended.  A point VoteVets and I can agree on.

    Fact Check: Americans are still dying in Iraq almost 15 years after GWB’s speech under a “Mission Accomplished” banner aboard a US Aircraft Carrier.

    I'm fully aware that in a nation where the corporate press can't be bothered with covering wars -- much cheaper and easier to obsess over Donald Trump's Tweets -- a parade will lead some to falsely believe that the wars have ended.  At this point, I say "So what?"  It's not like there's a peace movement since most Democrats won't even admit that Saint Barack never ended either war.

    The Iraq War his the 15 year mark next month.  A lot of Americans have served.  It's time for a parade.

    Dan Lamothe (WASHINGTON POST via STARS AND STRIPES) observes:

    Trump’s interest in having a large-scale military parade now is likely to receive a mixed reception, especially among those who are concerned about nationalism, militarism or the president’s past praise for authoritarian leaders. The tradition stretches back centuries, but has been typically been tied to the conclusion of wars.

    These wars may not be concluded in our lifetimes.

    A number of people who have served and those who have lost loved ones who have served would benefit from a parade -- that outweighs everything else -- including my own personal opposition.

    And they're actually owed the parade.  Barack stated now was not the time back during the 2011 drawdown and suggested it would come later in his first term or during his second term.  It did not happen.

    The Iraq War continues.

    Mohammed Ebraheem (IRAQI NEWS) reports, "Three army personnel were wounded Wednesday in a bomb explosion in Salahuddin’s multi-ethnic district of Tuz Khurmatu, security and medical sources were quoted as saying."  And REUTERS notes, "Iraqi forces on Wednesday launched an operation to consolidate control of an area near the Iran border to be used for the transit of Iraqi oil, the military said, highlighting concern about mountainous terrain where two armed groups are active. The operation to secure the Hamrin mountain range could start this week, they told Reuters. The area lies between the Kirkuk oil fields and the town of Khanaqin at the Iranian border."

    Still attempting to protect the oil.  Less concerned about protecting the Iraqi people but hasn't that been the true story of the Iraq War from day one?

    "This is part of a hospital as we see it today; it was completely flattened." UNICEF Iraq Representative Peter Hawkins. Urgent investment in healthcare infrastructure is needed to save lives of 's children. Read full press release here:


    UNICEF notes:

    MOSUL, 6 February, 2018 – As many as 750,000 children in Mosul and surrounding areas are struggling to access basic health services. While violence has subsided, less than 10 percent of health facilities in Ninewah governorate are functioning at full capacity. Those that are operational are stretched to breaking point.
    Three years of intense violence have devastated health facilities in Iraq. Over 60 health facilities have repeatedly come under attack since the escalation of violence in 2014, severely disrupting access to basic health services for children and families.
    “The state of Iraq’s healthcare system is alarming. For pregnant women, newborn babies, and children, preventable and treatable conditions can quickly escalate into a matter of life and death,” said Peter Hawkins, UNICEF Representative in Iraq, who has just completed a visit to Al Khansa hospital in Mosul, the largest in the city. “Medical facilities are strained beyond capacity and there are critical shortages of life-saving medicines.”
    UNICEF has stepped up its support to primary healthcare facilities to help the Government of Iraq provide critical health services so that children and families affected by violence and displacement can resume their lives.
    In Mosul, UNICEF has rehabilitated the pediatric and nutritional wards of two hospital centres, provided refrigerators to store vaccines for up to 250,000 children, and supported vaccination campaigns to immunize all children under five years old. Most health centres in the governorate have also re-started vaccination services for children.
    “As people start to return to their homes, it is essential that basic services like health, education, and specialized support for children impacted by violence are available,” said Hawkins.
    The Reconstruction Conference for Iraq hosted by the State of Kuwait next week is a unique opportunity for the Government of Iraq and the international community to put children at the heart of reconstruction, including through increased budget allocations to services for children.
    “What I saw in the hospitals in Mosul is both heartbreaking and inspiring. The ingenuity and dedication of health workers who are committed to giving newborn children the best possible start in life in the most challenging of circumstances is remarkable. They too deserve support so that they can continue to save lives,” added Hawkins.

    UNICEF is appealing for US$17 million to support rebuilding health facilities for children in Iraq in 2018.

    As the myth takes hold that all US troops are leaving Iraq, it turns out that even the small number that might leave will likely be replaced with NATO troops.  REUTERS explains:

    The United States is renewing pressure on its European NATO allies to establish a long-term train-and-advise mission in Iraq, diplomats said, reviving a divisive issue for an alliance wary after a decade in Afghanistan.
    U.S. Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis sent a letter to NATO headquarters in January calling for a formal NATO mission to Iraq with a semi-permanent or permanent command to train Iraqi forces, according to five senior NATO diplomats.

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