give props to laura flanders for her strong statements defending lynne stewart

if you missed it, laura flanders had an amazing interview with lynne stewart. stewart's been on the show before so i'm not surprised that flanders gets it. (and i wouldn't listen to her if i wasn't impressed already. she's a smart cookie.) but i am trying to note who speaks out and who falls silent. and i want to note laura flanders who not only hosts her own show on air america, the laura flanders show, each saturday and sunday night, she also wrote bush women and edited the w effect which documents the bully boy's war against women.

i'm really happy with all the e-mail that's been coming in on stewart. i think we get it, even if the media doesn't. i saw a story on stewart in the new york times today and e-mailed c.i. to ask if they were planning to comment. c.i. said even if they were i could but that no 1 had brought it up and that c.i. had tossed out the paper already and missed the story so have at it.

the article is called 'regretting the bravado, a convicted lawyer examines her options' and it's written by julia preston. here's some of that article:

The verdict felt "like being in a massive car accident," Ms. Stewart said in an interview yesterday, her voice still unsteady. "It's instantaneous and it hits you so hard. You're dazed for a while." She sat surrounded by boxes and stacks of pictures in an office she has barely occupied since a nervous landlord evicted her from her longtime Broadway work space in June.
Ms. Stewart said she hoped to give most, if not all, of the half-dozen cases she was still working on to her son, Geoffrey S. Stewart, who shares her criminal defense practice. She will fill the time she would have spent practicing law helping to prepare a complex federal appeal: her own.
Besides the appeal, Ms. Stewart and her chief lawyer, Michael E. Tigar, plan to file post-trial motions by March 4 seeking to persuade Judge John G. Koeltl to overturn the jury's verdict, arguing that the jurors misinterpreted the terror conspiracy laws. It is a long shot, Ms. Stewart admits. They will also try to persuade the judge to be lenient when he sets her sentence on July 15. In a move that surprised her legal team, prosecutors working for United States Attorney David N. Kelley allowed Ms. Stewart to remain free on bail pending appeal. Ms. Stewart, who is 65, faces up to 30 years in jail.

this is a travesty and it becomes more of one as so many remain silent. i was asked to join c.i. in helping the third estate sunday review with their editorial on lynne stewart (which will post in a few hours or by tomorrow morning at the latest). i was very happy to help with that.

on the guys and gals at third estate i will note that they work very hard. i sit down and type up my screeds as they pop into my brain. when i was asked to help with the editorial i thought i'd be reading it and making a comment or two and that would be all. wrong. for the last 2 hours that editorial has gone back and forth among them, myself and c.i. until it was polished to the point that they were happy.

they don't look for spelling errors, they are concerned that the voice is strong and that it gets stronger. if you read 1 of the early drafts you would probably be surprised by how many qualifiers were in the editorial. i talked to ava of the third estate sunday review about that and she said 'to be an editorial, it needs to take a position, not hedge bets.'

the other big surprise is how mammoth the editorial starts out. then little by little sentences get condensed and the thing shrinks to this strong argument with a point. it was very interesting to see the process.

i mention the third estate sunday review not because they will also have an interview with me in tomorrow's edition but while i'm at it, i'll mention that as well.

that was set up after i posted about beth's attempt to bully me but with lynne stewart's case, i really wanted to address that because i do not think enough people are paying attention. i am aware that the majority of the readers who come here are also common ills community members but i know that i have some people who drop by that don't visit the common ills regularly. and i'm assuming that's the same with the third estate sunday review. and that many common ills members don't visit either of us.

that's because we are each telling our truths from our perspective. and the point is more voices being added to the mix. so hopefully that interview (and the editorial) will reach out to a few people who haven't visited my site or who aren't common ills members.

but we all need to do our part to make sure that people are aware of this issue. and thank god for amy goodman, juan gonzales and laura flanders.

lynne stewart's verdict is an injustice and i would hope that blog sphere would take up this issue and champion her. but i'm not the eternal optimist that c.i. is. that's not meant as a slam at c.i.
c.i. can pick up the new york times each morning and honestly believe that somehow today will be different. and each day the paper can disappoint but there's c.i. ever hopeful.

that's really a great trait but not 1 that i possess. which is why i responded to beth right away. i think i got side tracked in the interview with third estate so i'll comment here on what they wanted me to talk about. c.i., third estate and i both received e-mail from beth. third estate saw it as a joke and laughed at it. c.i. saw it as someone seriously concerned who'd misunderstood and c.i. invested so much time in attempting to explain and clarify to beth. i read it once and blogged on it. because i don't have a lot of patience for shit.

attitude is in the title of this blog and if you're a repeat visitor who's missed that point, i suggest you invest in new reading glasses.

i'll also note that 2 of you were concerned with my use of the word 'dyke.' you didn't trash me but just asked if i thought it was appropriate. i was quoting my friend's words. it didn't make sense to alter her even if she hadn't been a lesbian. i know dyke can be seen as a hurtful word.
i don't think of it as an insult. but i realize that others do and i will try to use it only when it's appropriate.

polly said in her e-mail that she hoped i wasn't angry and i wasn't. it was a point worth raising.
and polly and sarah were both so kind about it that it didn't bother me at all. but if any 1 was offended by the use of the term, i will state that i was quoting some 1, a very good friend, and that i saw no reason to change the quote.

i wrongly thought that dyke, like queer, had been reclaimed but that is apparently not the case for every 1. although 4 readers who are lesbian e-mailed that they loved the term popping up.

and that gets to the issue that we are all different people and we need more voices speaking not less. i hope you will all join me in speaking in defense of lynne stewart. we need to make a difference here.

and as stuart noted in his e-mail, the only things he saw online so far were things the common ills had linked to. i hope this just means that people are on their weekends and that they plan to weigh in come monday but, as i noted before, i'm not the great optimist that c.i. is so, like stuart, i'm starting to think we have already heard from the people who are going to speak out. prove me wrong, please.


lynne stewart is wrongfully convicted and the new york times wants to talk about carli fiorina

friday, february 11, 2005 and the editorial board of the new york times elects to focus on the most important woman in the news.

if you think carleton fiorina's getting fired from hewlett-packard is more important than what's happening to lynne stewart and apparently the new york times does think so.

was there a point of the fiorina editorial? i doubt if and when gail collins gets forced out of the new york times she'd want an editorial on her 'fatal operating error.'

but that's where the paper of non-record is today. wasting space on fiorina. i'm sure fiorina's a wonderful person and i'm sure she will or will not bounce back and i am sure that none of it matters to me 1 way or another except to think, 'gee since she's not up on charges a la tyco, do you think maybe you could quit reporting this like the scandal to end all scandals?'

meanwhile lynne stewart was convicted yesterday. of what? who knows with the current justice department. she was defending a client that won't win any applause from most americans. the justice department puts in place a policy that isn't exactly a law since, last time i checked, the justice department wasn't in the business of writing and passing legislation.

so they target lynne stewart (they includes the clinton administration though at least janet reno had enough sense not to bring stewart up on charges - that dishonor would go to john ashcroft) and tap her in what may or may not have been legal.

and the lawyers who should be defending her (because she is them) are in the news stories in the new york times today making idoitic comments about how they were for her until they heard the audiotapes.

don't we expect a little more from lawyers? don't we expect that they will be the 1st to say, 'now those tapes may or may not be appropriate evidence?'

no, as the common ills noted this morning, those jerks are all running for higher ground to escape the flood moving in. it truly is the new mccarthy-ism.

lynne stewart's facing disbarrment and a lengthy stay in prison. for defending a client to the best of her ability.

and the editors of the new york times want to talk about some 1 losing her job - with a golden parachute, of course.

stewart's facing possibly 45 years in prison and the new york times wants to tell us about how 'wall street is littered with the carcasses of companies that got too big.' yes, wall street is. and the streets and subways are littered with papers people toss away because there's nothing in them that matters.

the editorial today, it didn't matter. who really cares? a wealthy woman lost her job and gets a big pay out to leave and the new york times wants to turn this into a social commentary. lynne stewart has been wrongly committed of a crime - for a public press release to reuters.

now when our modern day version of jane austen's miss carteret sticks her boring beak into
the valerie plame matter and faces jail time, the new york times can't shut their traps about how unfair things are for poor judy. lynne stewart's facing prison for what she did publicly with the press and the new york times wants to talk about hewlett-packard?

so is the editorial board just full of shit or does the freedom of the press only matter when judy miller is involved? i don't remember being taught in school that the free speech applied only to judith.

i'd urge you to pay attention to what's going on here and see who bothers to speak out for lynne stewart. growing up, i heard about the rosenbergs and i always thought, 'how could that have happened, didn't anyone speak up?' no, because they were scared, they were cowards and they were ass wipes. that crowd is still amongst us so pay attention and see who defends stewart and who doesn't. you'll find out who cares about free speech, who cares about social justice as opposed to the ones who are too busy covering their own asses and cowering in fear.

welcome to the new mccarthyism. maybe we'll all have adjoining cells before this administration is done? but i won't shut up and i won't act like what happened to lynne stewart resembles justice.

maybe tomorrow the editorial board will weigh in on the pressing issue of prince charles getting married? we're living history right now and we will be judged by our actions so take note of who rushes to defend stewart and who suddenly goes mute.


la puanteur de condi - the stink of condi

the press sings:

i want condi
i want condi
i want condi

while europe ... well, yawns.

but check out the love-fest being sprayed on condi by the press like so much eau de cartier.

don't make a damn bit of difference - all the lab-coated bimbos in clinique land, even spraying overtime, couldn't clean up the stink of condi.

and is she ever stinking!

it's rare for the new york times to ever disagree with their press cohorts but low and behold if the new york times doesn't step out of the marching line for about 2 seconds today.

you have the always caustic and humorous maureend dowd weighing in with "'Condi's French Twist" and you also get elaine sciolino weighing in with "The French Are Charmed and Jarred by 'Chère Condi'" - in the process elaine sciolino shows she's got more balls than synchronized swim boys steven r. weisman and eric schmitt who waste 2 columns of print before they let alone that condi's not exactly turning the world on with her scowl.

maureen notes a washington post article by keith b. richburg that dealt with condi appearing at the institute of political sciences. like any former child star, condi has rules, rules i tell you, before she can meet with students. the first rule appently is that on campus or not, condi doesn't just meet with any student, fermer votre bouche. no they must be screened 1st. any 1 not meeting with little miss bad ship golly stop's standards finds themselves, like alanis, uninvited.
as for the few who actually are able to see her speak, any questions they want to ask her have to be vetted first, merci beaucoup! even a kid whose father is the foreign minister has to ask his approved question and not:

"george bush is not particularly well perceived in the world, particularly in the middle east. can you do something to change that?"

the french press is calling her the 'princess warrior' and 'madame hawk.' it's all so lol funny. before her eyes, all her attempts at charm fall flatter than a big barbara bush soufle - that is what we're calling that hair style these days, right? poor big babs, to look at her, the world gained a bully boy president and she lost a personal hairdresser!

don't you fret, big babs, georgie will be back to doing your comb outs in a little while. and shouldn't he? didn't kitty kelley tell us about how you used to go up to his boys school, kick off your flip flops and hop out there in the middle of the game in your mumu to join that cheerleading son of yours in a round of keep-that-spirit-up-i-said-keep-that-spirit-up?

back to condi, elaine sciolino tells us how the only 1s condi could relate to in france were a group of 7 to 9 year olds. i told you the gal was stunted, remember?

but i think sciolino's a little off on that. i'm willing to bet that a group of 6 year olds was also included. coz our own personal evita is all about the 'sixes and sevens and nines.' don't cry for her najaf!

sciolino also informs us that condi didn't charm a group of intellectuals. exactly.

i e-mailed c.i. today to say 'congrats on buzzflash linking to you' and to say i was going to write about condi again. c.i. wrote back that condi's stunted just like i said earlier this week.

in a group of true thinkers condi can't impress. she can spit out the facts she memorized, but the gal can't think. she's stunted like every other precocious child that got by on too much charm and too little work.

and as c.i. pointed out, she has to turn everything into the soviet union, 'she doesn't get that the soviet union is gone!' no, she doesn't.

and among real thinkers, condi's simple-minded statements went over about as well as a blouse from the kathy lee gifford collection would at the house of channel.

scuilino explains that condi 'shocked' the intellectuals by wrongly labeling iran a totalitarian state.' smart people take offense because iran is more likely to be seen as authoritarian, a characterization condi rejects.

said 1 intellectual to sciolino:

"i tried to explain that iran was not like the soviet union, that the mullahs were deeply unpopular but unlike their predecessors over the last 150 years they were not in the hands of the british or the russians or the americans. she gave no proof that iran was totalitarian, because she didn't have any. it was scary. unless there is some give on the american side we are heading for a real crisis."

poor condi, her one shining moment and already it's turned to shit. or merde as they say in france. la puanteur de condi wafts over to paris.


if some 1 tells you teresa heinz kerry hurt john kerry's chances just tell them to shove it

so i saw this story yesterday and brought it up at the salon but wanted to work my way through my speed dial and then on through my friends and family plan. the story is about john kerry defending teresa heinz kerry.

could teresa have hurt his chances? at the salon nearly every 1 agreed she was a deciding factor in voting for him. there was 1 woman there who voted for bush. after she got her hair feathered, we kind of understood why. feathered?

so i'm working my way through my calls and it hits me: some 1, a smart ass no doubt, will say 'oh rebecca you are just 1 of those blue state northerners. you don't know anything 'bout the south.'
so i call my aunt and get the number of my third cousin melinda. i know many people in the south. all good, strong liberals - don't believe the stereotypes. but i chose melinda because she is the southern stereotype. her husband has a gun rack on his pick up. their last big event was a toby keith concert. they do not live in a trailer park. they live on a relatives 'back forty' in a trailer. as janeane garofalo says in romy & michelle, there's a difference.

so get melin on the phone and she's watching her 'stories' so i call back after all my children goes off. after 20 minutes of hearing the latest about the goings on in pine valley, i ask her about teresa heinz kerry. now understand melin and terry voted bully boy.

'you know, i liked her, i really did. she had spunk and we don't go for the shrinking violents around here. laura's nice enough but she's so white bread. she's got that uppity streak to her too, you know what i'm saying? you can just tell. like she's never going to let george forget that he married up the brain chain. now those girls, they humanize her because you can just tell that she's waiting for the cameras to turn off so she can scream at jenna and the other 1 about putting on a bra or shoes. but you just get the feel that she's got all these issues and stuff that not even good dr. phil could straighten out cause she's always got to dim her own light to avoid outshining george. but teresa, that girl's a pistol. every time i heard about something she said or did, like when she told that jerky reporter to 'shove it' i'd be thinking 'you go, girl!' she was real. now you know i couldn't stand that husband of her's but teresa was real. even terry liked her and you know he's pretty much hated every wife of a democrat since lady bird and lyndon moved on back to texas.'

well what about her friends, did they hate teresa?

'well becky, she hated teresa. now see, ever since her abortion, becky has been doing the pro-life thing overtime cause jimmy don't know about it and i swear it's a ticking time bomb and just a matter of time before somebody opens their trap and let's it slip. not me of course. i mean, bless her heart, she's got enough problems what with jimmy's drinking and her drinking and that affair she just ended with travis. but other than her, all the gals i hang out with liked her. some of them would say like about how she used to be a republican and probably just changed parties to help her husband. so they'd use that as an excuse to justify talking nice about her. but i didn't come across any 1 outside them church freaks that just hated her. now our preacher was preaching against her and the church freaks were just doing double time to march behind him.
but you're talking about the ones who still claim dick nixon had the mark on the beast on him and was the bastard child of fdr so nobody takes them seriously.'

so why did you vote for the bully boy?

'well you know terry's step-son is off over there in iraq. and i just didn't buy what kerry was saying. i mean i don't know that the war is right or wrong but i'd love to see our boys and girls back home. but if kerry's going to do the same thing. i mean they're over there or they aren't. it's not that difficult. if he would have said 'vote for me and i will bring them home' i would have voted for him. but if he's just going to continue george's war that just says to me that we got 2 georges and i might as well stick with the 1 i know, you know? terry said the same thing, said they were 2 of kind so let's just stick with george.'

general hospital was about to come on so melinda had to get off the phone.

now melinda's just 1 person but she lives in a small town that's the stereotype of the south. the other people i know from the south live in big cities and it was not a red-state-blue-state split. if you lived in a urban area you were more likely to go for kerry. if you lived in a rural area, you were more likely to go for bush. and melinda and terry fit the stereotype most people have of the bush voter.

i was glad to hear what melinda said and i was glad to hear john kerry sticking up for his wife.


condi on the couch thanks to a trip to the salon

so i'm at the salon this afternoon and, trying to be up on all the latest, i'm flipping through the new york times. i know, i know, a contradictory statement. the times is never all the news that's fit to print unless by 'fit' they mean what wall street and officials want the paper to print.
but ignore the writing and note the topics i always sneer!

so thereza, my friend who got shafted in her divorce (gals, get a good lawyer!), has gone to work for this salon. (1 more time, gals get a good lawyer!) things are better for thereza without robin and i say that not because they were an interracial couple but because they were an interorientation couple. robin liked men, thereza like women. but when the trust fund only kicks in when you get married, what are you going to do? move to canada? (that's why i feel thereza got shafted, by the way. robin would still be living uncomfortably had they not made their arrangement.) (fyi, i've changed robin's name for this story but thereza told me i could use her 1st name.)

so thereza walks over and looks at condi rice on the front page and rolls her eyes. "she's like the big dyke at the melissa etheridge concert that's screaming 'sh!' while everyone's having a good time singing along with 'i'm the only 1.'"

to me, that perfectly captures condi. she's incapable of having fun or engaging with people. (and her new job requires engaging with people.) like most aging pet-princesses, she's gotten a little too strident. think shirley temple before she added black and right before she got shoved off the good ship lolly pop. or margaret o'brien when every 1 kept crossing their fingers that she'd find a 'cute' period. (she never did.)

condi's performed her whole life. piano, ice skating, you name it. she's had to shine as the brightest exception to ever get into the club on a pass. doing so meant that she had to repeat certain mannerisms that were cute as a child but as a grown woman are now maddening. and they are set in stone now, character tics that she probably sees as trademarks.

but when your girlish smile captures the center of attention early on, you stick with it and when you find that what was appealing as a young girl is no longer appealing ... well, let's just say that what accounts for so many photos with the now infamous condi scowl.

there is a point here and it's that she's not up to being secretary of state. thereza and i were discussing this while she was putting in my 'natural' highlights. a secretary of state has to be capable of diplomacy, not of strutting.

the fact that condi hasn't bitten the head off sharon or some 1 else is somehow seen as a diplomatic miracle and every 1's rushing in to reassure us that she's up for the job. why sharon loves looking at condi's legs! if you've seen her unairbrushed photos, you understand why he's not looking at her face.

but the thing is, this is her best moment. there's hope globally that reality has to sink in during the second term and the bushies have to moderate their stance.

it's a false hope. but you hear the press trumpeting her -- and see the new york times splash her repeatedly on the front page. you'd think she was a linebacker or something with the love affair the times is having with her currently.

but what's happening is these false hopes are giving her center stage, the place she's most comfortable in, the space she's trained (or been trained) to move into. when condi's being precocious and every 1's patting her on the head she's in her element.

but as with liza, a little goes a long, long way. i mean, a few years pass and you're thinking, 'gee, liza was really incredible in cabaret. they should use her in movies more.' then you buy that ticket to stepping out or arthur 2 and you're sinking in your seat and covering your eyes and vowing 'no i will not let you entertain me!'

so as the novelty wears off, and people begin to see that nothing's changed in the 2nd term, little condi's going to stomp her foot as people want to engage and not just stand around feeding her ego.

truly, it's like erin moran. you watched her grow up as joni on happy days and she was funny and cute as a child and then she's an adult and it's honestly embarrassing to watch her. you're thinking, 'joanie should be an adult now, why is erin acting that way?'

there was a hilarious article in tv guide years ago, before all the talent bolted and ended up starting entertainment weekly, where erin was interviewed on the set of joanie loves chachi.
erin was all smiles for the reporter and talking about how great it was to have her show and then some 1 comes along (ellen travolta?) and weighs in on what a strong ensemble the cast is - which causes erin to pout, 'but i'm kind of the star, right?'

that's condi in 2 months tops. and after she realizes that, no, she's not the star, she's just 1 more errand boy for the bully boy; that actual leaders of countries aren't still enchanted with her girlish charm, look for her inner baby jane to come out and watch out joan crawford because an aging juvenile star is so rarely a pretty thing. (natalie wood and elizabeth taylor being two of the few exceptions.)

even mickey rooney couldn't go on playing juvenile leads forever.

condi's stunted. that's why she can go from being schooled by madeline albright's father to becoming a neocon with no real thought. she spit out whatever you wanted memorized but there's no brain there capable of thought. as long as she's center stage and every 1 hangs on her every smile and canned line, she's happy and in the place she feels she deserves. but when questions go from polite to pointed, watch out.

there's a really funny film that my friend betsy always plays for her 3 year old called cats can dance. in it darla dimple (hope i have her name right) is sweet as sugar while she gets her way but when she doesn't she's on a rampage that far surpasses any damage all three different strokes child stars could have ever done.

and it's not really condi's fault that she's stunted because she's been conditioned to be. the tics that she can't let go of now are the very 1s that used to get applause and praise. if she'd been a little less cute when she was younger, she might have had to learn to think things out.

instead, she truly is the big dyke (over 40 but still seeing herself as the fresh fish in the meat market) at the melissa etheridge concert angry and upset that the audience is enjoying and participating coz no 1's paying attention to her.


donnie fowler, sexy dork hottie, leaves the race with grace, little needle nose roemer tries to get in touch with his inner zell miller

no post yesterday. i spent time trying to learn about hyperlinks. thanks to sherry and c.i. of common ills for all their supportive e-mails yesterday. both said they were glad to help but i know sherry's got kids and probably could have used her sunday night any number of ways other than repeatedly trying to talk me through this. then i thought i understood it and was feeling good so i start surfing my favorite sites. and i see the groovy list of common ills community members favorite songs. i spent at least a half hour going over that list.

and then it hits me that c.i. was probably trying to get that list done while i was e-mailing. so sherry and c.i. thank you both for sharing your time with me and i know you probably had better things to do.

i also want to say that jodi's had a piece of constructive criticism. in honor of the great bell hooks and e.e. cummings i've stuck with lower case for all my entries and will continue to stick with it. however, i will be italicizing titles. jodi pointed out that with something like the nation it really does make a difference when you're reading.

then i check out my other buddy's blog, folding star at a winding road and see no entry so i don't feel so bad for decided no blogging while i try to absorb everything that i hoped i had learned about hyperlinks. but folding star does have the saturday book chat so grab your cup of coffee, visit the site and sit back and enjoy.

if you didn't hear howard dean is now last man standing. sadly there were only men in the race for dnc chair this go round. howard dean deserves it and i supported him like the rest of the common ills community members. but i have to confess, donnie fowler ... oh be still my heart.
he's got that sexy dork thing going on.

if you've read as many cosmos as i have, you know all about make overs and there's just something about a sexy dork that can make me start thinking make over. i'd let him keep the burns, side burns, and the glasses, but i would do something with the hair. i think it needs to be longer or shorter. it's in that stage where you aren't really sure what it is. i think he'd look so fucking hot with it about 2 inches longer. and the hair itself looks wonderful in terms of texture, so wonderful it's hard not to imagine running my fingers through it.

genetics already gave him two of the most kissable lips, his eyes are great, cute little dimple in his chin.

he could pull of a brush cut as well. but when i see him in jeans with gray socks or argyle socks he's the ultimate dork needing some 1 to come along and style him up. that's not a complaint, i love a project. when he goes casual, he dresses like a college freshman who hasn't heard grunge died. i find that to be a very sexy challenge. and from what i've seen, he's not some 1 who goes in for man scaping. so he's a dream stud waiting to be emerge. it's like she's all that only in reverse.

my friend monica loves the sexy dork look. only she doesn't encourage the hotties she dates to update their style. she thinks it keeps the other ladies away. and it's true, a lot of straight women turn up their noses at guys who think dressing up means dockers and a polo. so i do see her point.

but my point is that donnie fowler is a sexy stud (with or without a make over) and the future should be bright for him. which may be why he could be big about it and make nice comments about howard dean. (or maybe he's just a nice guy all around. guys with the sexy dork vibe tend to have big hearts.) (among other things!)

donnie fowler's graceful exit showed grace, style and good will. oh needle nose just came off petty and desperate?

yes i'm speaking of tim roemer. at 48, he'll be 49 in october, that silly little boy scout cut makes him look as if he grew up in ollie north's household. which isn't all that hard to picture considering the positions he's often taken. but let's be really clear, do something about the bags under your eyes. and with that chin, the little boy smile ('look i just got my front tooth!') ain't working. (and it doesn't help that they do look like baby teeth.)

but his looks are the least of his problems. roemer you made it into the house of representatives. you made it into a right wing think tank. i don't think either qualifies you as leader of the party.

but like a butt ugly moses come down from the mountain, roemer wanted to lecture the flock about the importance of being 'inclusive' on abortion.

news flash for roemer, the party is inclusive. when i vote in a primary, i am not required to 1st have an abortion! the point is that it should be legal. no 1's forcing any 1 to have 1. you don't show up at a fund raiser and tell some 1 you've maxed out on your donations and then have them reply, 'okay but can you step over to the abortion tent because we don't have a high enough number of those.'

but roemer was going to save us even if we didn't want his idea of salvation.

here's roemer as he exits the race with his tail tucked between his wobbly knees:

"I got into this race five weeks ago to talk about the devastating loss we experienced in November," Roemer said in an interview. "It was not about 60,000 votes in Ohio. It was about losing 97 of the 100 fastest growing counties in the country. If that’s a trend in business or politics, you’re in trouble."

we roemer? who's we? your buddies at the mercatus center? phil gramm's wife wendy help you out with that speech? or maybe j.c. watts? yeah, you got some interesting buds serving with you over at mercatus. which is why you make such lame ass comments as this:

Roemer said he hoped to make the party more inclusive, especially on the issue of abortion. He opposes abortion except in cases of rape, incest and the health of the mother.

hey tim, talk to wendy, she's not still unloading enron stock so she should have plenty of time to advise you, she'll tell you that there already is a party like you're describing - the republican party.

so take your snippy, sad face on over there. you're a slash and burner bound and determined to make it seem as though you were the obvious choice but those wild and crazy lefties just wouldn't give you a chance. you're like zell miller without the charisma. call up j.c. and tell him you need career rehab counseling from midge decter. she'll sit you down and assist you in releasing your inner republican.

but quit pretending you can steer the party. if you could, you wouldn't be dropping out of the race. men with an inflated sense of self usually are overcompensating for some physical short coming.

needle nose came off like the smallest man in the locker room today. i'd urge everyone to gift him with a towel snap but i think he'd enjoy it too much. so let's just be glad that even if he can't comprehend it, he can read the writing on the wall and dropped out of the race today.

you're a joke now. you were a joke before you got in. (being so lame on the 9-11 commission didn't help you.