In the world of diplomacy, known for its ambiguity and opacity, the WikiLeaks organization says its function is to “keep government open.” But with the release of some 250,000 American diplomatic cables, the outcome may be more ambiguous, closing doors to United States diplomats, turning candor to reticence and leaving many people leery of baring their souls and secrets to American officials.

that's from alan cowell's 'leaked cables stir resentment and shrugs' (new york times). i stand with wikileaks, i hope you do as well. i know we do community wide, but check out websites and watch them quiver and cave.

the forever useless confluence was trying to be more left-than-thou and ended up running off at least 1/2 their membership over the issue of israel. now crazy riverdaughter puts on her tin foil hat and insists that wikileaks is a plot - with barack's help no less! - to get hillary!

i've never seen so much crazy.

and they -

do they lie about wikileaks at the confluence?

i can't tell because they're so damn stupid.

they are the most underinformed website in the u.s. they repeatedly weigh in on issues when they haven't bothered to read up and then they mistake after mistake while acting like they're experts.

so there's them.

then there's no quarter which has larry johnson in full melt-down mode and now rev. amy (whose usually a lot smarter) is joining larry in screech mode.

it didn't start, in case you missed it, until the rumors that hillary signed off on spying were picked up. (some 1 signed off. it may or may not have been hillary.)

wikileaks provides a real service and it's a damn shame that people who should be on the side of an informed public are instead trashing wikileaks because they feel hillary is under attack.

and it doesn't help that they don't know how to read. riverdaughter, larry johnson, et al. all attacking julian assange for calling for hillary's resignation! only he didn't. but drudge did a headline and that's so much more important than reading a 4 page interview at time.

they really are worse than barack supporters and i never thought i'd say that. it's very disappointing.