the summer became the fall

this is a friday post. consider yourself lucky. elaine called every 1 today saying she'd gotten about 100 e-mails asking why the community wasn't blogging and everyone's going to try to get something up tonight. anything.

hello, i have been blogging! i don't think i missed a day this week.

but you had people participating in the world can't wait events and that was a midweek thing. i am fully aware that c.i. crawled from the sick bed to the computer day after day at the start of the week but not every 1 has that kind of determination.

people write when they can.

i'll write a little about victim of romance. if you missed it, c.i. reffed a song from michelle phillips' victim of romance this week. it was in 'other items' and i'll grab it and copy it here.

There's a "White House Memo" that Carl e-mails about. He wonders whether it will get the sort of ridicule that it deserves and that a "White House Letter" by Elisabeth Bumiller would? Good question.
It's entitled "Press Secretary on Trial in the Briefing Room" and attempts to provide you with the crashing waves that have threatened the love tunnel that exists between the press and Scott McClellan. Stretch praises him. Elite Fluff Patrol squad member Richard W. Stevenson blows air kisses. See, Scotty said Karl Rove and Scooter Libby weren't involved in the outing of Valerie Plame and now that the "public record" demonstrates that this false, poor Scotty and poor press just aren't sure, as Dionne Warwick once sang, what to do with themselves.
It's a tough time for both sides. All those expectations. All those laughs. Could it all be coming to end? He fed them, they stroked him. It was a mutal love affair born of self-interests on both sides. So Stevenson uses terms like "unwilling or unable" (is he charting on patients?) to attempt to explain the bind Scotty finds himself in (although it applies equally as well to what passes for the press). If Scotty comes out and speaks the truth (highly unlikely considering the administration he serves in), Karl Rove might go ballistic on him.
What's Scotty to do?
Stevenson frets and worries.
It's all so very "Victim of Romance:"
Homeroom studyhall
I knew that I was gonna fall
Late at night I weep
Mumble in my sleep
Yeah knock on wood
Say I never felt so good
Heaven above
It must be love
I'm a victim of romance
Sing it, Stevenson, sing it!
("Victim of Romance" is written by John Martin. I'll plug Michelle Phillips' version which is available on the album of the same name and which Hip-O Select released this year on CD.)
"A member of a prominent Texas political family, he was viewed by many reporters when he took the job as genial and straightforward but difficult to knock off the White House's talking points," Stevenson all but sobs into pillow.
Stevenson reassures us that, in all the madness, Scotty's high roaded it and "has instead appealed to the better instincts of his journalistic inquisitors." Yes, he can't stop singing "Victim of Romance:"
Cold blooded felony
Murder in the first degree
It's a crime
What he's done to my spine
It certainly is. It certainly is a crime what Scotty's done to Richie's spine. A victim . . . a victim. . . Stevenson's just a victim of romance.
Hopefully, it will all be worked out in time for home coming. I'd hate to think Richie might miss getting pinned by Scotty.

if you know the song, you were probably laughing hard. i went through the day humming the song. so tonight i've just been listening to the album. relaxing. i'm staying in tonight.

'fly boy' - as mike has nicknamed my ex-husband - will be over later. but i've mainly just listened to michelle phillips and otis today. danced around the place, singing along.

i know a lot of people hate the cold. c.i.'s one. fall rolls around and c.i.'s already singing 'all the leaves are brown and the sky is gray' but i really enjoy the fall and the winter as well.

i usually lag in the heat and stay indoors during the summer unless i'm trying to get a tan. i always tease c.i. because when it gets cold (or c.i.'s idea of cold), it's hibernation time. i think c.i.'s o.d.ed for too many years on vitamin d from the sunlight.

i'm joking but really c.i. loathes fall ('everything's dying') and winter ('everything's dead') and c.i. doesn't experience a real fall or winter for that matter. the temperature drops below 70 and c.i.'s grumbling about the 'cold.'

i love the cold. i love the way it stings your face when the wind blows. i know a lot of people do hate winter but i'm 1 of those people who just really loves the snow.

'it's snowing!' i'll squeal. same way i did when i was a kid.

i'll squeal 'it's snowing!' even if i'm all by myself. then i'll call every 1 i know to tell them it's snowing and usually they aren't as excited as i am. elaine will usually play along but she'll note 'do you realize how many accidents happen in the snow' and i'll have to say, 'talk to me as a friend, not as a medical professional!'

today i was thinking about how it would be snowing soon and went outside to look at the leaves in all their golden beauty. i spent about an hour outside just walking around and taking in all the colors. i was so happy i was singing 'baby as you turn away' to myself.

now. you're gone. this road i walk upon is just another place for me to hide.
still. my man. there's proof of who i am except without your love i'm dead inside.

i think that's a bee gees song. i was never a big fan of bee gees - or a non fan of them - but i really love michelle phillips' version of 'baby as you turn away.'

so is that all you did today? just sit around listening to music and then strolling around outdoors?

no. i did an extensive beauty regime and the women will know that's time consuming. i don't have to worry about my hair too much because t is the best and she always takes care of it when i go into the salon and makes sure i'm using the right products at home. but i did have to get rid of some dead skin and i was also in the mood for some deep pore cleansing and probably over did that actually. then i rotated the clothes in the closet to make sure all the winter stuff was visible because if i can't see it, i don't think to wear it. i cleaned and tidied the house.

the intent was to clean it but i got so caught up in otis and michelle that i kept stopping to sing along and dance around that i lost interest in serious cleaning and just started doing the tidying up. i'm 1 of those clean as you go types so there's usually not a great deal to do.

and of course, i watched democracy now.

there was a discussion of the ohio vote and let me be lazy and go see if c.i. has a link to that at the common ills that i can swipe.

there are 2 links.

1) "Was the 2004 Election Stolen?: A Debate on Ohio One Year After Bush's Victory"
2) "Mark Crispin Miller: "Kerry Told Me He Now Thinks the Election Was Stolen"

so here's the gist, john kerry thinks the election was stolen. he told mark crispin miller that. i'm not surprised by that. he pretty much said that in january (the 18th?) of this year. but when mark crispin miller talked about this, the other guy in the debate who was a 'cautious type' suddenly grew animated and was full of suggestions that john kerry should write an op-ed in the washington post or the new york times.


do you really think they'd print it?

the times? adam cohen has disappeared from the op-ed pages and he was writing a series on the election. i don't think they care.

i'm not saying john kerry shouldn't go public with his feelings. and i understand that an op-ed in the times means a lot. one firm i worked for always celebrated when we placed an op-ed in the times. it's a big deal and it gets attention. nationally.

the washington post doesn't. with the post, you're getting the dc crowd's attention.

if you want to reach the nation with an op-ed, the times is the way to go.

but i'm confused as to why the cautious type feels that the new york times has any interest in running an op-ed by john kerry on this subject?

i'm also confused as to why a similar idea didn't come up re: john edwards. if john edwards feels the election was stolen, shouldn't they also be recommending that he write an op-ed?

or is it that since he's not a senator no 1 really cares what john edwards has to say?

i think the election was stolen. we were in boston election night and we were seeing photos via cell phone of people standing in line still in ohio waiting to vote when the polls were supposed to be closed. as john kerry said back in january, the machines weren't where they needed to be and the long lines . . .

the cautious type writes for mother jones. my ex, fly boy, used to read that magazine all the time. it's a good magazine but they've been dismissive of the election for some time now. probably because they have the timid mouse todd gitlin on their staff.

but they did an editorial ridiculing people for questioning the election totals not all that long ago.
i don't think any 1, after that, is going to look to mother jones for a solid story about the election.

it's a good magazine but when you scorn readers they're not going to look to you for coverage on the issue you mocked.

and watching the debate, it was interesting to see the cautious guy insult people and organizations (like the free press who did a great job covering the election). at 1 point he denies 1 story based upon the fact that he spoke to a guy involved and the guy says he's 'a liberal democrat' as though that would prove anything or even be true.

i also gritted my teeth as he abused the concept of theory because elaine's been very big on 'use hypothesis' due to the assault on science.

the guy was just dismissive of everything and then, like a press whore, the minute mark crispin miller talks about what kerry said to him, the guy is all excited. and suddenly he's offering remarks like 'i didn't say it wasn't possible' and watching i thought, 'you have spent this whole time shooting down mark crispin miller, degrading the free press and now, because of something john kerry said, you're all excited.'

mother jones is alternative media but i don't think the cautious type knows that. if he did, the word of 1 'name' (john kerry) wouldn't be weighted so much.

so that's my friday post. i posted. you have something and you don't need to rag on people to elaine about how there aren't enough posts lately. you heard about my day, music, the seasons and democracy now.


heads up to a new review by kat

starting late tonight. the reason is i've been on the phone with kat. for 2 hours.

i'm not joking. she turned in a mammoth review of stevie wonder's a time to love and asked c.i. for editing help. c.i. had recommended some cuts and then kat wanted more. then more. she's still not sure enough has been cut. so she wanted to know if it was okay to read it to me over the phone and get my opinion.

a) i was flattered and b) i love her album reviews so of course the answer was 'hell yes!'

she read it and it blew me away. i love her writing.

she says that she feels like it could still be tighter.

she loves stevie wonder but this isn't a "great album, stevie!' review and that's probably why she's so on edge about it.

which isn't to say she's worried about any 1's reaction. kat could truly care less. 'it is what it is' is her motto. but she struggled over whether or not to turn in the review on carole king's the living room tour because she hated that album and she loves carole king. it's the same thing, my opinion, going on here.

after 90 minutes, i asked her if she'd read it to my ex who was over. she agreed and he was laughing out loud several times. he told her it was a great review but she's still got her doubts.

i marvel at people like kat and betty who work and work on 1 thing, debating each clause and word. i know ava and c.i. will put a lot of work, in very little time, into their tv reviews but i also know c.i.'s truly 'it is what it is' when it comes to something at the common ills. ironically, 'it is what it is' is a kat phrase.

jim will say 'why did you include that opening paragraph to the members, the thing would be so much better if you start with the second paragraph' and c.i. will respond, rightly, that the common ills is a resource/review and not some writing show case.

c.i. is a great editor with tremendous skills (much more so than a mutual friend who's an editor at a newspaper i won't name but if you're reading this, you have no editing skills at all). but the common ills takes a lot of time and if c.i. held out for perfection, nothing would go up there. but over at the third estate sunday review, dona, jim and c.i. will go over and over a piece when there's time for it. jim will tell you that c.i. has saved pieces that were crap by restructuring them. when c.i.'s really tired, it will be like barking out orders - 'take the fifth paragraph and make it the lead, drop the sentence in the final paragraph, use the last four words in the mid-section to develop a transition and get jimmy olsen in here on the double!'

but the common ills is a conversation and it's a private conversation between members taking place in a public space. jim hates that argument but gina & krista came up with it and they love it and so does c.i. i think it's the perfect description of the common ills.

kat is consumed with a review sounding right. she wants it to sound like a conversation but like a really good 1. i think it has a lot to do with being creative. i don't have that bent. i can market but i never considered public relations to be creative. i know right now betty is obsessing over a piece that if she posted it, people would laugh and think it's incredible but she's called about 1 phrase twice tonight. i've told her it's perfect but she wants something else in there and feels that the phrase is a betty phrase and not a betinna 1.

so tomorrow morning, unless kat pulls it to work on it some more, look for a review of stevie wonder's a time to love at the common ills. that's my heads up and really all i have time for tonight.


world can't wait drive out the bully boy regime

world can't wait. i hope every 1 participated that was able to. that was the point c.i. kept making in the gina & krista round-robin, that no one needed to feel guilty if they were at a job where missing work would mean losing it.

mike, elaine and i went to new york to join ava, jim, dona, ty and jess. and yes, my ex-husband went along.

betty wasn't able to participate. as she noted in the round-robin, with her kids and the way sick time works at her job, she can't afford to take off. a lot of people probably had similar problems and none should feel guilty. but those who could participate, i hope you did.

i was really impressed with the turn out, with the level of energy and the level of committment.

if it were up to the people, and not congress, i think bully boy would be impeached right now.

and let's hear it for the young people in america because, despite what gas bag cokie roberts thinks, they do participate.

for me, the thing comes back to the people. taking part in this made me aware of not only how out of touch our elected leaders are with the people on the invasion/occupation of iraq, but also how out of touch they are on the people's feelings about the bully boy.

the media will be silent of course. they're interested in propping up the bully boy. especially now that they think they can 'lead' him since, for the first time, he really needs them. you can hear the gas bags offering advice.

bully boy won't take it. he's an idiot. their olive branch will be dismissed.

but the people don't want an olive branch, they want him out of office.

my grandmother told me yesterday if she was 10 'or even 5 years younger' she'd want to tag along. he's got to be the most disliked occupant of the oval office we've had.

but the media wants further deregulation and there's all that money to be made in the selling of analog so don't expect to read the truth in your paper or hear it on your tv.

there were lots of wonderful signs. some were the green ones, professionally made, that said 'world can't wait' and i grabbed one of those but my favorite was 2 signs that read 'flowers' and 'not bushes.' i think 2 women carried those but i was too far away to tell for sure. (they had the signs mounted on sticks so they were held high.)

i meant to check in with cedric because i knew he wanted to participate in his area but i haven't had a chance and in c.i.'s area, the thing is probably just winding down.

i haven't even checked the e-mail. we got back here and i had to return a few calls that came in today and my ex checked out things online. he says wally has a powerful piece and i intend to read that and read some e-mails tonight.

i hope every 1 who was able participated and if you weren't able to don't beat yourself up. if you were and didn'y, instead of getting lost in could-have, should-haves, remember this feeling the next time you hear about a rally.

i'm more than a little hyper tonight, in case you didn't notice. the people were amazing. d.c. was great in spetember but i just felt like i was surrounded by even more energy today. it's like another step on the path and the summer of activism has lit a fire. cindy sheehan sparked us to more action. she put a face on the body count that bully boy tried to keep hidden and as 1 woman demanding an answer, she exposed the hollow bully boy and his empty posturing for what it was.

my ex reads all the community websites (and of course knows elaine and c.i. and has for years). when he read the 100 voices piece on the d.c. protests, he said he wished he'd gone. he's jazzed as well and singing a song that i don't recognize but was probably performed today. i bring him up because when third started noting the summer of activism, he asked if we were 'reporting' or 'leading.' as if you can't do both.

but i told him that was the mood and if he wasn't getting that, he needed to leave the country club and get out in the real world. he was in it today and saw what the common ills community has been noting. i'm saying the common ills community not just to recognize all the web sites by members but also all the comments by members who don't run websites. you go back and read members comments at the common ills (or go through the gina & krista round-robins) and you'll see that the mood changed. i think cindy sheehan sparked action and give her full credit.

i also give credit to the voices that spoke out often and early on. but if you got your news from nbc nightly news, nightline or the new york times, you may see the mood today and scratch your head. the shift wasn't as sudden as big media likes to pretend. it's been developing.

and it was so exciting today to see that. i think we're seeing serious dissastifaction being voiced strongly and i think the administration may get a pass from the congress but the public isn't going to stand for it. maybe our elected leaders will get the message in the 2006 elections?

let me close by noting democracy now because, before my vacation, i was going to try to note something positive so that the screeds didn't leave one feeling hopeless. if you watched democracy now, you weren't surprised by the events of today or this summer. you were informed. so watch democracy now. or listen to it or read it. real news programs still exist, you just can't find them on the big networks.

i'm updating the blogroll to add brian conley's alive in baghdad as c.i. (and the community) have requested as well as corrente which i meant to add last week.


ted koppel go away already

The indictment of I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby in the CIA leak investigation was major news. Libby--who promptly resigned from his position as Dick Cheney's chief of staff--is portrayed in the indictment as repeatedly, and deceptively, claiming he learned about Valerie Plame Wilson's classified status at the CIA from reporters. This explains why special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald was so adamant about getting reporters to testify.After Friday's announcement of the indictments(10/28/05), however, some journalists seemed to think that the story was not so newsworthy. On ABC's Nightline, Ted Koppel devoted only a few minutes to the indictment before beginning a scheduled town hall meeting on disaster preparedness. Koppel offered the following explanation:
"Scooter Libby's indictment today is indisputably a major story. It was the lead on all the television network news programs earlier this evening. It will be the object of banner headlines in all of your morning newspapers tomorrow. As for its real impact on the lives of most American, though, not much. Not really. That's the strange thing about our business, the news business. Often, what seems so important to us, reporters that is, is of little or no consequence to many of you."
Why Libby's indictment is "of little consequence" is worth some explanation. Valerie Wilson's job at the CIA was preventing the spread of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction; if blowing her cover jeopardized that work, then this story certainly does affect all Americans.

the above is from an e-mail fair sent out. (you can sign up to get their alerts. i recommend you do.)

ted koppel's so annoying. henry kissinger's best friend has never been a 'brave journalist.' but since he doesn't do live remotes from aruba, people have mistaken his dullness for 'integrity.'
integrity doesn't lead to be embarrassed this year when your mash notes to henry kissinger are made public.

integrity doesn't allow for bullshit claims of 'we were all wrong.' we weren't all wrong. and if ted koppel had any 'integrity' he'd apologize to the american people.

when he leaves his crappy show we'll see tributes (c.i. and were laughing about this today - i hope that cheered up c.i.) and we'll all be called on to applaud him for his service. but he's been a schill for his friends for years.
1 of the guests who's been on nightline the most is henry kissinger, which tells you a great deal.

if he was a real news person, he would have featured anti-war voices and he would have seriously examined the case for war. he didn't and he didn't.

he was 1 more cheerleader and he can't take responsibilty for his actions.

retired? he should be fired. for journalistic malpractice.

instead, he's headed over to hbo where hopefully no 1 will watch him.

a friend said to me today, 'but becky, when we get the crap that replaces him, you'll feel different.'

no, i won't.

i'd prefer crap to disinformation given an air of dignity.

crap is crap. some people like it, some people don't. but most people know it's crap.

with ted koppel's bullshit, people bought into it.

you can hear them whining 'oh ted's leaving' when they should be applauding.

it's been big business, war machinery and other nonsense at nightline. nightline has not served the people or featured them.

and let's be really clear here, this is a program that devoted not just an episode to the anniversary of the crappy film animal house (a favorite of matt cooper which gives you an idea of what a piece of crap it is), ted also 'probed' madonna over 'justify my love.' this was a hiar above a barbara walters special so let's not kid.

republicans wanted to cripple jimmy carter and ted koppel was there. republicans wanted to smear bill clinton and ted koppel was there. scooter libby is indicted and ted koppel is where?

he's bullshit, he's always been bullshit just like he's always looked like a freak with big ears.

pull his ass of the air already.


about 'the daily...'

C.I.: That is a very important point. Thank you, Elaine and Mike. Scooter Libby indicted for a number of counts -- perjury, false testimony, etc. -- in the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame, the wife of Ambassador Joseph Wilson who went public to expose Bully Boy's 16 word lie in the 2003 State of the Union address regarding "British intelligence has recently learned that Sadaam Hussein sought" yellow cake from Niger. Also, quickly, Eric Schmitt's "An Influential Bush Insider Who Is Used to Challenges" rightly pointed out that Scooter Libby is not just Cheney's chief of staff. Scooter was "assistant to the president, chief of staff to the vice president and Mr. Cheney's national security advisor." Now we go to Rebecca, of Sex and Politics and Screeds and Attitude, offers us a look at the news from the world of science. Rebecca?

Rebecca: C.I., Steve Connor notes in the UK's Independent that last week Prince Charles of England declared "climate change was one of the greatest problems" facing the world. As England experiences a surprisingly warm October, Connor reminds that "[t] exceptionally hot, dry summer of 2003 is estimated to have resulted in about 35,000 extra deaths in Western Europe." Are any guys drinking hard this Halloween weekend? If so, you might want to know that a recent study in India found it can effect sperm and increase difficulties in having children as well as in getting erections. Erectile dysfunction? In this day and age of Viagra? The consumer organization Public Citizen is asking the FDA "to add warnings to the labels of Viagra and other impotence drugs, noting that some users have gone blind." Is Tony Blair politically impotent? Marie Woolf reports in "Blair caved in after secret royal memo on badger culling" that a snap of the royal fingers by Prince Charles, or in this case a letter, and Tony Blair goes into lapdog mode, panting with a frenzy he usually reserves solely for the Bully Boy. A leaked memo results in the latest embarrassment for Blair. Prince Charles wrote Blair that a thinning of the badger population would meet with his approval due to his belief that this would reduce the spread of bovine tuberculosis from badgers to cattle.

C.I.: Thank you, Rebecca. Now for a report from Flordia, we go to Wally of The Daily Jot.

that's from the third estate sunday review news review.

wally didn't post today so i called him to check up. he's fine but they were low on gas for the generator so he left early and it was a long, long wait. he said about 3 hours. so when he got back, he was hot and tired and just not in the mood for the daily jot. he was going to call c.i. to pass it on but then was reading the common ills and saw that c.i. was feeling really sick so he didn't want to be another phone call c.i. would either have to dodge or put on a happy face for.

i'm amazed by how little is being done to help the people in florida and by how little the national press seems to care.

are we suffering compassion damage? we gave all we had as a nation to the victims of hurricane katrina and now we just don't want to be bothered?

i think it's far more likely that we're suffering from a lack of saturation coverage on this topic. the news media seems to all be gearing up for their own vacations (the senate starts their vacation shortly) and they feel like they covered katrina so now they can be lazy again.

that would explain their shoddy coverage of the scooter libby indictment which they treat like 'oh well.' they should be out digging for information and instead they just wait for it to come to them.

sunday, we worked on 'the daily.' if you haven't read it, you should.

i already had e-mails about the topic so i told everyone going in that i would write about the process on that piece. hope i'm not stepping on any toes.

that took forever. it was supposed to be a parody and we handled that pretty well (ava, c.i. and betty were the comic chefs but wally and mike and jess also had some strong stuff in there as well and ty had some serious contributions that were just amazing). then it was time to add the stuff surrounding the parodies.

most people know c.i. but i don't think they really know . . . by that i mean, if it's a process, and this was a process, anything can get tossed out and because it's people brainstorming, fine. but when it's time for the piece to be finalized, not so.

(c.i. tells a story about ann wilson, or used to, and the process she and nancy wilson - the rock group heart - go through to write a song which is toss it out there and just keep pressing on and then at the end refine.)

some of the commentary around the parodies was rather 'tart' (kat's word) and kat and c.i. were especially concerned about that. c.i. wanted to know if we were doing a parody or an expose?

and i think it's a good question. c.i. likes bob somerby and feels bob somerby has not been as forthcoming as he should be but felt the parodies had addressed that and that the other stuff was belaboring a point and also not as funny.

the 'old man' line was 1 that kat questioned but since it was supposed to be funny, she went along with that.

there was a conclusion to the piece and c.i. said 'take my name off of this if that's in there.'

c.i. felt is was 'lacerating' to somerby and also that it sunk the piece. that was the c.i.'s biggest criticism about the commentary throughout. c.i. said the jokes are structured in such a way that if you do more between them than joke, you're blowing the jokes and turning a sitcom into a dramedy. so the inbetween's were reworked (and elaine got in 2 funny jokes during that!).

jim wanted the introduction and the conclusion in but dona, as we reworked the commentaries, saw c.i.'s point and argued that we didn't need both. so jim went with the opening.

i don't know. on sunday morning, i was agreeing with jim but i called him today and offered that i thought the parodies nailed it and that the commentary at the start kind of made it more difficult to get the laughs rolling in the first parody. jim agreed with me.

he said he was thinking with a 'news man's cap' and what ava and c.i. do is social commentary that's entertaining and makes it easier to swallow. he thinks their might be too much of a 'news' attempt in that piece. i asked if he and dona had talked about it and he said not yet becuase it was obvious to him that dona was right and he'd tell her that tonight but was in no hurry to start the day with 'honey, you were right.'

the piece does work. but jim and i both think it would work more if we'd followed c.i. and ava's suggestions. and probably if betty hadn't had to bail, she goes to church sunday mornings, we would have had another voice that could have persuaded us. (betty participated in the writing, just not in the editing.)

it's funny and the e-mails i've gotten on it demonstrate that people are laughing but when we do the piece for next week (which is already planned) we'll go more for jokes that make you laugh and make a comment and leave it to that.

that's really what we did with 'watchdog daily' and that worked very well. here, it's almost like, 'okay let's explain everything for you so that when the jokes come, you'll get them.'

so those are our thoughts now. jim thinks in terms of news and i just wanted to get it all out, to be honest. i'm tired of it.

as most people have surmised, this isn't a case for c.i. or for me where we disagree with a view that's been expressed at bob somerby's site. we often do. this runs a little deeper than that. (and the parodies convey that judging from the e-mails - in fact sherry and lila have guessed it and they both got it from 1 of the parodies so the commentary at the beginning wasn't needed.)

i want to quote cedric's things on rosa parks but i'll do it tomorrow because i've felt tired all day and probably the smart thing to do is to turn in.