time to open your eyes and find your voice

a lot is going on these days. i hope everyone read c.i.'s 'NYT: Raymond Bonner on Guantanamo Detainee, Linda Greenhouse on Jose Padilla's case.' we are torturing. we are what we accuse others of being.

bully boy's spying on us. he thinks that's okay. he's spent today and yesterday and saturday full of himself and how he's protecting the nation ... by destroying what we stand for.

maybe you caught the war lust the bully boy had when he was raving after 9/11 (several days after) and you thought, 'well this is what we have to do.'

why did you think that?

to save the country?

so how do you justify what's going on now?

how is the country being saved when everything we stand for is being twisted and perverted?

the nsa has been spying on american citizens. bully boy could have tried for a fisa warrent which rarely refuse to grant a warrent. that wasn't the route he wanted to take.

no legal route for the bully boy.

he'd prefer to just grab powers that don't exist.

he's perverted our nation.

we're supposed to stand for freedom but every move the bully boy makes is an attempt to take away another freedom.

john dean's must read book called it 'worse than watergate.'

how much more do we have to witness before we realize dean got it right?

the opposition party has flinched at the sight of their own shadow. they are only now beginning to find their voices.

now is not the time to be silent. now is not to the time to prop up your silence with 'no 1 knows what i believe.' it's time to speak out loudly.

this is our nation that's at stake.

if you're not using your voice and objecting to this latest assault on our freedoms, than you are not doing anything but wasting people's time.

it really is that simple.

if you watched democracy now today, you know that a student, college, was visited by homeland security. the reason he was under suspicion? he attempted to get mao's little red book via interlibrary loan. you can read more about it in gary leupp's counterpunch article.

it's past time for people to open their eyes and find their voices.