harriet miers - no mystery there

harriet miers.

the woman who would be judge.

the woman who needs to bone up on constitutional law.

the woman who can say no one knows how she'd rule on reproductive rights but signed a pledge in 1989 to do everything in her power to destroy abortion rights.

she's a mystery.

she's a riddle.

harry reid loves her.

some reports have him suggesting her to bully boy.

more likely he just said she was some 1 he could live with.

and why not?

1) he's not a woman.

it's not his rights that could be curtailed.

why should he care?

the empathy that was once a hallmark of the democratic party left a long time ago.

we're left with self-contained dopes who can't see past themeselves and have no spine.

where have all the flowers gone?
long time passing.
where have all the real democrats gone?
long time passing.
long time ago.

when will we ever learn?
when will we ever learn?

where have all the real democrats gone?
where have all the real democrats gone?
long time passing.
long time ago.

when will we ever learn?
when will we ever learn?

harriet miers is a croney.

that alone should be enough to worry people.

with all the cases winding through the courts questioning bully boy's right to be king and declare law by royal decree, her being a bully boy croney should worry people.

her inexperience with constitutional law (and lack of awareness of it) is only more frightening when you realize that she thinks bully boy is like totally groovy! or whatever dopey things she wrote him repeatedly in her private mash notes when she was supposed to be heading the lotto commision and not sucking up to the governor.

this is a woman with a really bad haircut who dresses badly. that's not a problem with a judge if you're talking about someone who's spent their lives studying the law and focusing on that. it could show dedication. but she hasn't done that.

so we're left with a fashion disaster who's a fundamentalist and probably skirting the guady with her inept choices.

bully boy sold her on her religion, and her 'heart' which he can peer into like he did with his buddy 'pooty' (putin). so is her religion effecting her clothing choices? probably. bully boy probably knows that as it effects her 'fashion' choices, it will effect other areas as well.

which brings us back to the issue of choice.

her answers in the 1989 survey shouldn't disturb, they should frighten.

while the right worries that she may be a souter, the left hangs on to the hope that she is.

despite all the indications that she isn't.

have we forgotten that the right thought we were entering a 'winnable war'? why do we place so much importance on their judgement of harrie?

the enemy of my enemy does not necessarily become my friend.

but a lot of people want to act that way. a lot of people want to pin their hopes (and the court's future) on the fact that some right-wingers are outraged by mier's nomination.

the left would be better served by examing the known details.