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on flashpoints tonight, a wonderful point was made about ahnuld being all ready to support his bully boy by sending troops to the california-mexico border and ahnuld was talking about the 'exit strategy.' trying to be on top of his game, no doubt. but the point was made that you don't usually talk of 'exit strategies' for your own country. well maybe ahnuld was feeling a little home sick for austria? maybe we should build a wall to protect the u.s. from ahnuld? as long as bully boy's scapegoating immigrants, why not scapegoat them all! that's what i propose. scapegoat every 1. you, me, every 1 who's not 100% native american. (and i don't mean, by 'native american,' born in the united states.)

this latest wave of scapegoating comes as the united nations notes that over 191 million people around the world live outside of their country of birth. like the governator ahnuld.

molly ivins has a hilarious look at the truth of all bully boy's bluster on gay marriage, immigrants, flag burning and more. from 'Flag Burning and Other Dubious Epidemics:'

Gay marriage, now there's a crisis. Well, OK, so there isn't much gay marriage going on here in Texas. None, in fact. First, we made it illegal. Then, we made it unconstitutional. But President Bush is all concerned about it, so I guess we have to alter the U.S. Constitution.
Gus and Captain Call (of "Lonesome Dove" fame) will be an item--with who knows who waiting in line right after them.
Also of great concern to Republicans is God Almighty, who, rather to my surprise, has been elected chairman of the Texas Republican Party. That's what they announced at the biannual convention in San Antonio this week: "He is the chairman of the party." Sheesh, the Democrats couldn't even get Superman.
Also weighing down the nation with a heavy burden is the estate tax, which the Senate will try to repeal this week. The estate tax applies to around 1% of Americans, and I have yet to find any record of it costing anyone a family farm or business. It affects only very, very, very rich people, of whom you are probably not one. And they don’t, actually, need another tax break.
These are the things we are supposed to be worrying about, and you notice that it frees us of quite a few troubles we might otherwise fret about.
The war in Iraq? No sweat.
War with Iran? We're carefree.
The economy? Hey, did you see that employment report? Well, ignore it.

since elaine's post on the most recent edition for the third estate sunday review was lost, cedric asked me to note something about it if i had anything to note. what i talked to elaine about was mainly the fact that c.i. and dona started the week having to clean up the mess that was the news roundup and both didn't get to sleep on monday morning until after the sun came up. then there was the roundtable friday/saturday. i just felt like 4 hours was too much to try to force a short story (that never came). i was for trying for about an hour and a half, maybe 2. but after 2 hours it was obvious that nothing was going to come of it and i was for ditching it then. but both dona and c.i. had sunday plans and having done so much at the start of the week, they really didn't need to sit around and wait for every 1 to grasp that there was no short story there when we could have been busy writing other things.

that's it from me. be sure to read 'TV: TESR Investigates.' (i may cover the edition again tomorrow night.)