did you get the memo?

did you get the memo?

time to rally the troops to once again save npr/pbs.

save npr?

wasn't the mc-millions supposed to do that?

and on those mc-millions, in a decade or 2 will people look at that money the way people now see donations from big tobacco?

regardless, the seasons are changing, the dems are telling us, again, they'll save us. funny how they couldn't talk that talk during the alito confirmation hearings.

but now they'll save us.

thanks, i'll save myself.

how about dems just try to do your damn job?

that would be wonderful.

but it's time to save pbs and npr.

i'm looking at countless e-mails on that and wondering why they bother to send this to me?

i'm all for serious issues.



pbs. i have satellite tv. i don't need public television.

before you say 'well you rude, rich bitch," who does need pbs?

people who can't afford cable and satellite could have a few more viewing options with pbs.

but pbs doesn't give a damn about those people. it's still not moved to digital (how much money have they wasted on that move anyway?) but that is the plan. get out of broadcast, move to digital.

take the 'public' (even more so) out of public television.

i'm supposed to save a corporation that doesn't give a damn about the people who need them the most?

i've got sundance. i've got a million channels. i did watch the barbra streisand special. (fly boy also bought me the boxed set of all the specials.) that's about the only thing i've HAD to see on pbs in years.

so i'll take a pass (again) on pbs.

i'll take a pass on npr which is possibly more useless than pbs. national petroleum radio is what dennis bernstein likes to dub them (and did so friday on ). it's a wonderful point.

there is no public in npr or pbs.

but we're all supposed to rally around and save them again so they can stab the people in the back again.

gina & krista did a poll of the community (noted here with permission) and if this effects pacifica, we'll care. it probably doesn't. (if it does, we'll hear about it and join the fight.) pacifica doesn't get the funds that npr does from the government because pacifica won't agree to the censorship that npr regularly does.

want to save public radio? don't e-mail your congress members about npr or pbs. use the time to grab a person, sit them down and get them to listen to pacifica. they'll end up aware that there is an alaternative. get the word out.

1 out of 10 listeners contribute, i believe that's the figure. it would be wonderful if every 1 could contribute (fly boy and i did in the latest round) but every 1 can't. that's reality. those who can need to do so for their own listening pleasure and because others can't. increasing the number of listeners around the world increases the chances that more people can contribute.

so do something useful, get the word out on pacifica.

the not so fresh air of terry gross won't be missed. boo hoo for terry 'all i did was ask.' yes dear, but whom did you ask, whom? not any 1 that could talk about the war in a realistic manner. terry thinks realism comes via dexter filkins of the new york times. three years into the war and the anti-war movement remains invisible on what is supposed to be national public radio with the exception of a report or two or three on cindy sheehan. terry gross can probe in mind numbing detail how a craftsman (and they're usually always 'men') came to see driftwood as the perfect medium to express himself in, she just can't address anything that effects our lives.

steve and renee might have to get real jobs. cokie might have to do a few more corporate convention speeches. every 1 will live. if times get hard for them, good. they might be forced to reconsider their own actions when they pushed the stock market as a way of covering labor issues. they might have to think, 'i wouldn't be existing on ramen noodles right now if only i'd said "this is crap, people are having hard times, we need to report it!" ' they never would. they can't.

they try to sell the idea that they have an upscale audience. brings in the corporate underwriting. (never raising unplesant issues keeps the corporate underwriting.)

we've got 2 wars waging right now. i really don't have time to try to fish crap out of a toilet yet again which is how i see npr and pbs.

let 'em die if they can't survive on their own.

how many millions did they give newt? bill bennett?

they always have money for that. they always have money for everything but the people.

they can kiss my ass.

they're crap and we kid ourselves each cycle that we'll save them and they'll appreciate it.

they don't.

i advocate that every 1 sit this 1 out.

let pbs and npr realize what happens when the natural audience they have betrayed sits it out.
let them work to get us back.

they were never 'left.' they were attempting to provide a better job representing the public. those days are gone.

i think it's past time people quit kidding themselves that any of their efforts to save funding in the past were appreciated.

nothing changes.

they won't even fire mara liar liason even though she regularly breaks every ethic and code of her profession. if that was a leftist going on about republicans, she would have been told 'you are a reporter, not a columnist - you can't work here and do that pundit gig anymore.' but she's a right winger, who reportedly assured roger ailes she was a republican before she started appearing on fox 'news' - so every 1 looks the other way when she all but calls for the heads of congress members on charges of treason.

you want to fight to save that, you go right ahead.

but there are serious battles to be fought.

this isn't 1 of them.

let them fight to save their own damn ass for a change.

let them see how far that gets them.

when they finally face a real cut, a deep 1, that can't be restored, maybe they'll learn to appreciate the audience?

until that happens, screw them.

maybe you can use the time to protest the war, protest the war on women, protest any number of REAL issues. or maybe you can just use the time to take a moment to relax?

zoing out in front of the tv is more productive than attempting to 'save' a so-called friend.

npr and pbs are a spouse that you repeatedly catch cheating.

now hillary would forgive that.

but is hillary clinton now the standard for the left?

i hope not.

be sure to read c.i.'s "NYT: Everybody wants to be a war pornographer" and "Other Items (Robert Jay Lifton on Democracy Now)" - they are amazing.