pacifica continues bringing you live coverage of alito hearings while npr's gas air provides you with paul bremmer

if you listened to pacifica's live coverage of the alito hearings, you were informed. if you listened to npr you got gas air as terry 'that's so gross!' interviewing paul bremer. i hope someone's planning to fact check that interview because terry's all about exploring feels and moods and seems lost when dealing with any topic not taught in art history.

day 2 of the hearings and npr still doesn't think they're worthy of live coverage. remember that when they beg money for next time. pacifica, or at least 1 station, is having a 1 day fundraisher on mlk day so remember who provided you with live coverage.

ruth told me about the fundraiser. she had a ruth's morning edition report during the week - today, in fact. i asked her about that because it's always great when she does 1 of her reports.
she said due to the screw ups with the e-mail accounts, she's been dictating today and sunday's to c.i. over the phone. she feels bad about that because she knows c.i. is pressed for time as it is.

we talked about the hearings and we've got some points we'll both be making tonight during the roundtable for the gina & krista round-robin.

but 1 point i'll make now is that monday it sure was sweet - sarcasm - to listen to white men rush to say that sandra day o'connor can be replaced by a man and that it's practically reverse discrimination to suggest otherwise.

why there's no difference that a woman could bring.

which was blown out of the water this morning when some 1 made some stupid comment about diane feinstein's looks and then it was turned into a mini joke to be picked up on. if there were several women on the committee, instead of just 1, would that have happened?

i don't think so.

there were so many overtones of 'the little lady' during these 'jokes.'

as c.i. noted:

If you're following the hearings, you know that poor little Alito can't remember membership in a group he saw fit to list on his resume in the eighties.

that was a big theme. that and the press lies. knight ridder got it wrong, this news source got it wrong. why if alito wasn't in the mainstream, picking up on that again, would they all be for him?

yes, because republicans close ranks.

diane feinstein? i'll blog on her tomorrow night. i wasn't impressed.

c.i. also noted the upcoming issue of ms. featuring jane fonda on the cover:

Ms. Winter 2006 Issue
Available on 7,757 newsstands across the country January 17. Exclusive: Jane Fonda Talks Sex, Politics & Religion with Robin Morgan
The renowned actor/activist sat down with her friend, Ms. editor Morgan, to take on the "most impolite dinner-conversation subjects." Listen in on their lively discussion.

jane fonda alone makes it worth checking out. but robin morgan doing the interview means even more so. robin morgan was addressing the issue of terrorism long before 9-11. addressing realities for women that the adminstration still doesn't want to touch.

so be sure to look for that issue on january 17th. there's more in it but i've got to run an errand before we start the roundtable tonight.