alito hearings: the mint julup exploded on my best dress! starring lindsey graham and diane feinstein

let me say what i'm willing to bet everyone wants to but no one wants to be the 1st to do so: diane feinstein, are you trying to help or hurt?

over and over she plays 'miss diane' with the white gloves and 'oh my's.

miss diane, it's the 21st century. you are a us senator. try acting like 1.

now maybe she's confused because she's got lindsey graham playing like the heroine to a tennessee williams play that he never had time to write: the mint julup exploded on my best dress!

'i am sorry,' blanche, er, lindsey sobbed to alito, 'that you had to go through this. i'm sorry that your family had to sit here . . .'

oh the tragedy! oh the drama!

poor alito! asked questions!

i can barely hear lindsey crying due to the rustle from his crinoline petticoat.

but diane feinstein was worse than a joke, she was a distraction.

yesterday it was all 'miss diane you are so pretty' nonsense. and she basked in it.

today, ted kennedy's reading an article by a cap member. what's being read is pretty shocking.

he's leading to a question and the thing has soundbyte written all over it.

what happens?

miss diane interrupts him. 'read the last sentence.'


miss diane, in your own time, where you 'let things pass,' and you have no follow ups, you can read that last sentence. (it applied to women.)

what you shouldn't do is step on someone's powerful moment.

i was listening to the hearings on pacifica and hope you were too.

but i wondered what ted kennedy's face looked like during that?

did he realize his soundbyte was blown?

and did everyone get that diane thought she was being silly. 'read the last sentence.'
twice she interrupts and sounds so delighted.

as though teddy were given a toast and she'd just cut him off to say, 'oh look, the grants brought baked beans! yoo hoo! over here!'

can someone have a talk with diane feinstein?

from a p.r. perspective, she needs it explained to her that she didn't just butt into ted kennedy's time, she destroyed a soundbyte that could have been on all the news networks - well, not fox 'news.'

it was a powerful moment - until she piped off. twice.

now in her own time, she wastes everyone's. she won't follow up on anything. she wastes time playing the 'girl' which is embarrassing from any senator but especially 1 of her advanced years.

so i'll ask it, is she trying to help us or trying to hurt us?

if she's trying to help us, she needs some 1 to explain to her the importance of not butting in on some 1's sound byte.

the importance of not being 'cute' in the hearings but instead doing your job.

this isn't a social, it's not a dance. conduct yourself like a senator or get off the committee.

there are many reasons to sing barbara boxer's praises. 1 of them is that she can lay it out without trying to pour on the filigree. she doesn't need to 'girl' it up. she's a strong woman, a confident 1. that's how she conducts herself and that's 1 reason so many respect her.

diane feinstein needs to be diane feinstein. but if she thinks playing it like shirley temple is appropriate, she needs to rethink being on the committee.

for a summary of the hearings as of early into them this morning, see c.i.'s entry.

i know it's important to follow the hearings (if you're able to, they can be very frustrating, i've got friends over to listen) but i hope you're making time for democracy now as well. here's a headline from them today:

NSA Denies Whistleblower's Demand To Testify Before Congress
Meanwhile, ABC News is reporting the National Security Agency has denied the request of whistleblower Russell Tice to testify before Congress. Tice, a former intelligence agent at the NSA and Defense Intelligence Agency who has spoken out against the domestic spy program, was told he is not free to testify because staff members on Capitol Hill do not have high enough security clearance to hear the secrets he has to tell. Tice first spoke out on record on Democracy Now last week.