the outrage is building

so it's tuesday and i'm hearing outrage over bully boy's spying.

i was beginning to wonder how many people were paying attention because if i didn't start the conversation, it wasn't getting covered.

but today, friends visiting brought it up, friends and family calling brought it up.

i think the outrage is building.

we should be outraged. what's been allowed to go on is so against everything we are supposed to stand for.

kat had recommended eurythmic's new greatest hits which is called the ultimate collection.

i'm glad she did. here's something from a song annie lennox and dave stewart wrote:

i've got a light

though it refuses to burn

i've got a life

it ain't over

it ain't over

i've got a way

it's the only thing that's mine

the song's called 'i've got a life' and it's 1 of 2 new songs for this collection.

when i was feeling low today, i'd put this cd on and there's a lot to enjoy.

it's easy to get discouraged because we have known, most of us anyway, that this was going on. we've known it for some time. now it's been confirmed and we know it's much worse than anything we've heard yet. so we look around and wonder where the outrage is? it's building, slowly.

but it's important to keep the pressure on.

we need to be getting the word out on this.

while the shock is still out there.

this isn't just a left issue for every 1 on the right. shock jocks and others will act like it is but this is exactly why some conservatives were hesitatnt to vote for the bully boy.

they feared the sort of actions that we now know the administration regularly engages in.

in our community c.i.'s staying on this topic as are elaine, mike and wally. that's because this is an important issue. under bully boy, the government thinks it can spy on you for any reason and they're not prepared to go to the fisa courts for a warrent.

we should be outraged. there are rules and laws the rest of us need to abide by and then there's bully boy who seems to think that he's immune to the rules. (and prosecution.)
so we should be outraged that he's now resorting, again, to his 'with us or without us."

he didn't take an oath to represent half the country. he did take an oath to uphold the constitution and that's not being done. we should all be alremed.