christmas and no nerves of steel

i'm writing later than intended. fly boy gave me 1 early christmas present - my name is barbra on dvd. so we watched that with bowls of popcorn and candy. (fly boy's partial to lemon sours.)

okay, it was the boxed set. of barbra's specials. so we watched my name is barbra and then, of course, we had to watch color me barbra. they are bookends. 1 is in black & white, the other is in color.

i'll share that i'm nervous about the holidays because we're spending them with my family and i know people, especially 1 aunt, are going to assume that we're back together (whcih we kind of are) and that we'll be getting remarried or something along those lines.

i was so freaked out imaging that at 1 point today that i had to call elaine and ask her to do a quick fix on her best friend. there are fringe benefits to having a pyschologist for a best friend.
so she talked me through the best and worst that could happen and then suggested that i write something about it tonight because there are probably a lot of people with various levels of of worries.

so if you're 1, join me in pressing on through.

i have a reader who's planning to come out to his family sunday. he's nervous about it. he'll be there with his boyfriend for the 4th year in a row. but every 1 acts as though they're just roommates. so he's going to say what he thinks every 1 already knows but even with that, he's still nervous.

my nervousness pales in comparison to that.

but when you're going to be around people who you know and who have expectations that you know, it can be stressful.

i've already sent out the word that fly boy is attending but that people shouldn't be talking reunions or planning for the future.

but knowing your family means knowing their expectations. the minute we arrive together any caution will be tossed aside. and the 1 aunt? i know she's going to pull aside and attempt to give me advice on how to 'make it work.'

so it's nerve wracking. if you're going through something similar, you aren't alone.

be sure to check out kat's latest 'Kat's Korner: Breaking through the "conventional truths" with No Secrets.' like i told you last night, she's reviewing carly simon's no secrets. like i told you last night, it's amazing. so be sure to check it out and check out wally because he has the 411 on why eli asked kat to review that album.

and let me note something that c.i. and wally are noting. in case there's a fox 'news' loon you're around this weekend, arm yourself with knowledge from democracy now:

JAMES BAMFORD: Well, before I get into that, just one other comment on what we just have been talking about. When the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act was created in 1978, one of the things that the Attorney General at the time, Griffin Bell, said -- he testified before the intelligence committee, and he said that the current bill recognizes no inherent power of the President to conduct electronic surveillance. He said, 'This bill specifically states that the procedures in the bill are the exclusive means by which electronic surveillance may be conducted.' In other words, what the President is saying is that he has these inherent powers to conduct electronic surveillance, but the whole reason for creating this act, according to the Attorney General at the time, was to prevent the President from using any inherent powers and to use exclusively this act.

happy holidays. i'll be back on monday.