world can't wait drive out the bully boy regime

world can't wait. i hope every 1 participated that was able to. that was the point c.i. kept making in the gina & krista round-robin, that no one needed to feel guilty if they were at a job where missing work would mean losing it.

mike, elaine and i went to new york to join ava, jim, dona, ty and jess. and yes, my ex-husband went along.

betty wasn't able to participate. as she noted in the round-robin, with her kids and the way sick time works at her job, she can't afford to take off. a lot of people probably had similar problems and none should feel guilty. but those who could participate, i hope you did.

i was really impressed with the turn out, with the level of energy and the level of committment.

if it were up to the people, and not congress, i think bully boy would be impeached right now.

and let's hear it for the young people in america because, despite what gas bag cokie roberts thinks, they do participate.

for me, the thing comes back to the people. taking part in this made me aware of not only how out of touch our elected leaders are with the people on the invasion/occupation of iraq, but also how out of touch they are on the people's feelings about the bully boy.

the media will be silent of course. they're interested in propping up the bully boy. especially now that they think they can 'lead' him since, for the first time, he really needs them. you can hear the gas bags offering advice.

bully boy won't take it. he's an idiot. their olive branch will be dismissed.

but the people don't want an olive branch, they want him out of office.

my grandmother told me yesterday if she was 10 'or even 5 years younger' she'd want to tag along. he's got to be the most disliked occupant of the oval office we've had.

but the media wants further deregulation and there's all that money to be made in the selling of analog so don't expect to read the truth in your paper or hear it on your tv.

there were lots of wonderful signs. some were the green ones, professionally made, that said 'world can't wait' and i grabbed one of those but my favorite was 2 signs that read 'flowers' and 'not bushes.' i think 2 women carried those but i was too far away to tell for sure. (they had the signs mounted on sticks so they were held high.)

i meant to check in with cedric because i knew he wanted to participate in his area but i haven't had a chance and in c.i.'s area, the thing is probably just winding down.

i haven't even checked the e-mail. we got back here and i had to return a few calls that came in today and my ex checked out things online. he says wally has a powerful piece and i intend to read that and read some e-mails tonight.

i hope every 1 who was able participated and if you weren't able to don't beat yourself up. if you were and didn'y, instead of getting lost in could-have, should-haves, remember this feeling the next time you hear about a rally.

i'm more than a little hyper tonight, in case you didn't notice. the people were amazing. d.c. was great in spetember but i just felt like i was surrounded by even more energy today. it's like another step on the path and the summer of activism has lit a fire. cindy sheehan sparked us to more action. she put a face on the body count that bully boy tried to keep hidden and as 1 woman demanding an answer, she exposed the hollow bully boy and his empty posturing for what it was.

my ex reads all the community websites (and of course knows elaine and c.i. and has for years). when he read the 100 voices piece on the d.c. protests, he said he wished he'd gone. he's jazzed as well and singing a song that i don't recognize but was probably performed today. i bring him up because when third started noting the summer of activism, he asked if we were 'reporting' or 'leading.' as if you can't do both.

but i told him that was the mood and if he wasn't getting that, he needed to leave the country club and get out in the real world. he was in it today and saw what the common ills community has been noting. i'm saying the common ills community not just to recognize all the web sites by members but also all the comments by members who don't run websites. you go back and read members comments at the common ills (or go through the gina & krista round-robins) and you'll see that the mood changed. i think cindy sheehan sparked action and give her full credit.

i also give credit to the voices that spoke out often and early on. but if you got your news from nbc nightly news, nightline or the new york times, you may see the mood today and scratch your head. the shift wasn't as sudden as big media likes to pretend. it's been developing.

and it was so exciting today to see that. i think we're seeing serious dissastifaction being voiced strongly and i think the administration may get a pass from the congress but the public isn't going to stand for it. maybe our elected leaders will get the message in the 2006 elections?

let me close by noting democracy now because, before my vacation, i was going to try to note something positive so that the screeds didn't leave one feeling hopeless. if you watched democracy now, you weren't surprised by the events of today or this summer. you were informed. so watch democracy now. or listen to it or read it. real news programs still exist, you just can't find them on the big networks.

i'm updating the blogroll to add brian conley's alive in baghdad as c.i. (and the community) have requested as well as corrente which i meant to add last week.