the summer became the fall

this is a friday post. consider yourself lucky. elaine called every 1 today saying she'd gotten about 100 e-mails asking why the community wasn't blogging and everyone's going to try to get something up tonight. anything.

hello, i have been blogging! i don't think i missed a day this week.

but you had people participating in the world can't wait events and that was a midweek thing. i am fully aware that c.i. crawled from the sick bed to the computer day after day at the start of the week but not every 1 has that kind of determination.

people write when they can.

i'll write a little about victim of romance. if you missed it, c.i. reffed a song from michelle phillips' victim of romance this week. it was in 'other items' and i'll grab it and copy it here.

There's a "White House Memo" that Carl e-mails about. He wonders whether it will get the sort of ridicule that it deserves and that a "White House Letter" by Elisabeth Bumiller would? Good question.
It's entitled "Press Secretary on Trial in the Briefing Room" and attempts to provide you with the crashing waves that have threatened the love tunnel that exists between the press and Scott McClellan. Stretch praises him. Elite Fluff Patrol squad member Richard W. Stevenson blows air kisses. See, Scotty said Karl Rove and Scooter Libby weren't involved in the outing of Valerie Plame and now that the "public record" demonstrates that this false, poor Scotty and poor press just aren't sure, as Dionne Warwick once sang, what to do with themselves.
It's a tough time for both sides. All those expectations. All those laughs. Could it all be coming to end? He fed them, they stroked him. It was a mutal love affair born of self-interests on both sides. So Stevenson uses terms like "unwilling or unable" (is he charting on patients?) to attempt to explain the bind Scotty finds himself in (although it applies equally as well to what passes for the press). If Scotty comes out and speaks the truth (highly unlikely considering the administration he serves in), Karl Rove might go ballistic on him.
What's Scotty to do?
Stevenson frets and worries.
It's all so very "Victim of Romance:"
Homeroom studyhall
I knew that I was gonna fall
Late at night I weep
Mumble in my sleep
Yeah knock on wood
Say I never felt so good
Heaven above
It must be love
I'm a victim of romance
Sing it, Stevenson, sing it!
("Victim of Romance" is written by John Martin. I'll plug Michelle Phillips' version which is available on the album of the same name and which Hip-O Select released this year on CD.)
"A member of a prominent Texas political family, he was viewed by many reporters when he took the job as genial and straightforward but difficult to knock off the White House's talking points," Stevenson all but sobs into pillow.
Stevenson reassures us that, in all the madness, Scotty's high roaded it and "has instead appealed to the better instincts of his journalistic inquisitors." Yes, he can't stop singing "Victim of Romance:"
Cold blooded felony
Murder in the first degree
It's a crime
What he's done to my spine
It certainly is. It certainly is a crime what Scotty's done to Richie's spine. A victim . . . a victim. . . Stevenson's just a victim of romance.
Hopefully, it will all be worked out in time for home coming. I'd hate to think Richie might miss getting pinned by Scotty.

if you know the song, you were probably laughing hard. i went through the day humming the song. so tonight i've just been listening to the album. relaxing. i'm staying in tonight.

'fly boy' - as mike has nicknamed my ex-husband - will be over later. but i've mainly just listened to michelle phillips and otis today. danced around the place, singing along.

i know a lot of people hate the cold. c.i.'s one. fall rolls around and c.i.'s already singing 'all the leaves are brown and the sky is gray' but i really enjoy the fall and the winter as well.

i usually lag in the heat and stay indoors during the summer unless i'm trying to get a tan. i always tease c.i. because when it gets cold (or c.i.'s idea of cold), it's hibernation time. i think c.i.'s o.d.ed for too many years on vitamin d from the sunlight.

i'm joking but really c.i. loathes fall ('everything's dying') and winter ('everything's dead') and c.i. doesn't experience a real fall or winter for that matter. the temperature drops below 70 and c.i.'s grumbling about the 'cold.'

i love the cold. i love the way it stings your face when the wind blows. i know a lot of people do hate winter but i'm 1 of those people who just really loves the snow.

'it's snowing!' i'll squeal. same way i did when i was a kid.

i'll squeal 'it's snowing!' even if i'm all by myself. then i'll call every 1 i know to tell them it's snowing and usually they aren't as excited as i am. elaine will usually play along but she'll note 'do you realize how many accidents happen in the snow' and i'll have to say, 'talk to me as a friend, not as a medical professional!'

today i was thinking about how it would be snowing soon and went outside to look at the leaves in all their golden beauty. i spent about an hour outside just walking around and taking in all the colors. i was so happy i was singing 'baby as you turn away' to myself.

now. you're gone. this road i walk upon is just another place for me to hide.
still. my man. there's proof of who i am except without your love i'm dead inside.

i think that's a bee gees song. i was never a big fan of bee gees - or a non fan of them - but i really love michelle phillips' version of 'baby as you turn away.'

so is that all you did today? just sit around listening to music and then strolling around outdoors?

no. i did an extensive beauty regime and the women will know that's time consuming. i don't have to worry about my hair too much because t is the best and she always takes care of it when i go into the salon and makes sure i'm using the right products at home. but i did have to get rid of some dead skin and i was also in the mood for some deep pore cleansing and probably over did that actually. then i rotated the clothes in the closet to make sure all the winter stuff was visible because if i can't see it, i don't think to wear it. i cleaned and tidied the house.

the intent was to clean it but i got so caught up in otis and michelle that i kept stopping to sing along and dance around that i lost interest in serious cleaning and just started doing the tidying up. i'm 1 of those clean as you go types so there's usually not a great deal to do.

and of course, i watched democracy now.

there was a discussion of the ohio vote and let me be lazy and go see if c.i. has a link to that at the common ills that i can swipe.

there are 2 links.

1) "Was the 2004 Election Stolen?: A Debate on Ohio One Year After Bush's Victory"
2) "Mark Crispin Miller: "Kerry Told Me He Now Thinks the Election Was Stolen"

so here's the gist, john kerry thinks the election was stolen. he told mark crispin miller that. i'm not surprised by that. he pretty much said that in january (the 18th?) of this year. but when mark crispin miller talked about this, the other guy in the debate who was a 'cautious type' suddenly grew animated and was full of suggestions that john kerry should write an op-ed in the washington post or the new york times.


do you really think they'd print it?

the times? adam cohen has disappeared from the op-ed pages and he was writing a series on the election. i don't think they care.

i'm not saying john kerry shouldn't go public with his feelings. and i understand that an op-ed in the times means a lot. one firm i worked for always celebrated when we placed an op-ed in the times. it's a big deal and it gets attention. nationally.

the washington post doesn't. with the post, you're getting the dc crowd's attention.

if you want to reach the nation with an op-ed, the times is the way to go.

but i'm confused as to why the cautious type feels that the new york times has any interest in running an op-ed by john kerry on this subject?

i'm also confused as to why a similar idea didn't come up re: john edwards. if john edwards feels the election was stolen, shouldn't they also be recommending that he write an op-ed?

or is it that since he's not a senator no 1 really cares what john edwards has to say?

i think the election was stolen. we were in boston election night and we were seeing photos via cell phone of people standing in line still in ohio waiting to vote when the polls were supposed to be closed. as john kerry said back in january, the machines weren't where they needed to be and the long lines . . .

the cautious type writes for mother jones. my ex, fly boy, used to read that magazine all the time. it's a good magazine but they've been dismissive of the election for some time now. probably because they have the timid mouse todd gitlin on their staff.

but they did an editorial ridiculing people for questioning the election totals not all that long ago.
i don't think any 1, after that, is going to look to mother jones for a solid story about the election.

it's a good magazine but when you scorn readers they're not going to look to you for coverage on the issue you mocked.

and watching the debate, it was interesting to see the cautious guy insult people and organizations (like the free press who did a great job covering the election). at 1 point he denies 1 story based upon the fact that he spoke to a guy involved and the guy says he's 'a liberal democrat' as though that would prove anything or even be true.

i also gritted my teeth as he abused the concept of theory because elaine's been very big on 'use hypothesis' due to the assault on science.

the guy was just dismissive of everything and then, like a press whore, the minute mark crispin miller talks about what kerry said to him, the guy is all excited. and suddenly he's offering remarks like 'i didn't say it wasn't possible' and watching i thought, 'you have spent this whole time shooting down mark crispin miller, degrading the free press and now, because of something john kerry said, you're all excited.'

mother jones is alternative media but i don't think the cautious type knows that. if he did, the word of 1 'name' (john kerry) wouldn't be weighted so much.

so that's my friday post. i posted. you have something and you don't need to rag on people to elaine about how there aren't enough posts lately. you heard about my day, music, the seasons and democracy now.