monster-in-law is now playing don't miss it

jane fonda is hilarious in monster-in-law. i saw it this afternoon with some friends and will be see it again this evening with some more friends. don't believe the bullshitters, it's fucking funny. you'll laugh your ass off. the theater this afternoon was packed and everyone was laughing like crazy. there's not a bad performance in the entire cast.

jennifer lopez has never been better. jane fonda and wanda sykes make a hilarious team riffing off 1 another. c.i. sent some of the bullshit reviews yesterday including 1 by little lisa who writes for entertainment weekly.

i read that and though 'oh no, it's not going to be funny.' c.i. had noted how little lisa bitches about everything and told me the film was not the film little lisa was describing. i'm guessing little lisa last laughed in 1991.

see the movie. it's hilarious. jane fonda is amazing. and i'm seeing now why ava and c.i. highlighted things in their reviews of 9 to 5 and their reviews of the electric horseman. they had bullshit critics nailed and they prepared you for the bullshit that was coming down the pike out of the droll mouths of idiots who review movies for the new yorker and entertainment weekly.

it's a movie that will make you laugh like crazy. i've already e-mailed jim to suggest that the bullshit david and little lisa (david & lisa - now that's a dreary pair) be addressed. i'll save my other comments for when that happens. but i know ava and c.i. will have just the right thing to say because unlike little lisa and ditsy david, they know what they're talking about.

see the movie and prepare to laugh your ass off. take some friends who like to laugh with you. but if you're surrounded by david & lisas in your own life, do yourself a favor. ditch the wet blankets and see it by yourself. you won't be sorry.

c.i. has posted isaiah's drawing of jane fonda again because shirley wanted to be sure every 1 remembered the film came out today. if you missed the drawing before, check it out now. isaiah's very talented.

c.i. also noted peter travers' review of monster-in-law from rolling stone:

Fonda, like Robert De Niro -- her co-star in her previous film, 1990's Stanley and Iris -- is on the low-comic road to a Meet the Fockers pot of gold. Snobs be damned. It's a hoot to watch Fonda cut loose and mix it up with J. Lo, even when the laughs turn mean-spirited. Broadway legend Elaine Stritch is killer funny as Viola's own monster-in-law. Fonda, be it as Hanoi Jane or workout queen, keeps springing surprises. Knockabout comic is just the latest incarnation in Fonda's life so far. Let her rip.

don't believe the hype or some idiot's baggage.

fonda's excellent in the film and you won't stop laughing. go see monster-in-law this weekend.