i copyrighted lower case so hand over your damn money!

this is the post i wrote last night and saved when c.i. pulled the addendum to give tas a chance to respond. tas is fast loose and with the truth (my opinion!). he's got a lot to say on his blog but he's not telling the truth. c.i. says an entry is in the works at the request of members who want to deal with tas (who my readers call a 'nobody' and i'd agree with that opinion! opinion! i can have any opinion i want! here's my post from last night. enjoy. i intend to post again tonight.)

no, i didn't copyright lower case and i'll get to that in a moment.

c.i. is responding to the attack on the common ills community tonight. c.i.'s been working on that post. i stated i would wait until that post went up to blog tonight.

the post almost went up some time ago. it was delayed when community member dallas found out that the common ills had been slammed by someone else besides ron.

i'll get to that in a moment.

so what c.i. is doing now (and i've said, don't do it) is waiting to give the person c.i. just found out slammed the site a chance to respond. c.i.'s willing to not note the reality on that 1 person if they'll make their statements to the community.

i think it's bullshit but c.i.'s far nicer than i am.

as you all know ron attacked the common ills community in his now deleted and infamous post 'how do you sleep' or whatever he was flaming on about that time.

what you do not know is how sick c.i. is. c.i.'s dealing with that in the post. ron knew it. i had told ron. ron also knew c.i. had been in the hospital the day ron attacked the community.

sweet guy, huh?

aren't some men just so fucking sweet?

and guess what 2 men love to do best, why get together and gossip about me!

i'm so flattered, except when i consider the 2 men and then i'm just repulsed.

tas and ron, like the courtship of eddie's father. 'people let me tell you about my best friend'
walking hand and hand as they scheme and plot. what big tough guys.

well when the 2 yentas get together, let me tell you the fur does fly.

see tas attacked the common ills in a post. he didn't have his facts straight but is that really a surprise?

and some 1 responded. tas is convinced it was me. tas, i didn't even know your damn name until today. i certainly haven't been to your site. does any 1 even check ron's? why would we want to check out ron junior?

any of my readers know that i'm more apt to pick up the phone or write about something in a magazine then surf the net. i'm sorry they confused me for 1 of their followers.

well little boys need their fantasies, how else do you explain pamela anderson's latest attempt at a tv show?

so the little boys are convinced it's me. why? in the round table i used the term 'high road' which is a term that the poster uses. okay, i coined that and copyrighted it! people start paying up. (any 1 who's ever listened to the al franken show has heard that term over and over and since i supposedly coined it, i want my money!)

also the post is in lower case. it's not the way i would write it, but it's in lower case and 'high road' is used. i'm not even sure i'm the only 1 who used it. i know elaine and c.i. used it on the phone before the roundtable because i had been talking to her and she wanted to talk to c.i. i'd told her of the call earlier that day to c.i. that said stop taking the 'high road.' better sue the woman that said that too because she owes me money!

pay up, everyone. now!

as bad as it is that the 2 little boys want to spread rumors, tas also posted an attack on his site (thanks community member dallas!) (i asked c.i. for a copy of it but don't have it yet, so i e-mailed dallas who i know is always copy and pasting things in e-mail and he sent it to me right away). pillow talk, pillow talk, talk-talk-talk.


it was c.i. the post is going up. tas was given time to respond. 30 minutes. tas said quote him. c.i. went into detail about health issues by the way. tas already knew c.i. was sick. that doesn't stop big brave men from attacking people.

c.i's my friend. i make no apologies for defending. but when you read c.i.'s post, i think you'll agree that ron and tas went way too far.

both knew c.i. was sick. both have been less than honest.

c.i. would say maybe tas doesn't know the full story. did you e-mail tas that? yes. did tas bother to reply? no.

and guys and gals, c.i. e-mailed tas early this morning and tas didn't bother to reply until over 10 hours later. (i'm sure c.i. will have the exact hour, i'm going by what c.i. e-mailed me this morning which was at 7 am.)

let's talk about tas since he likes to beat up on sick people with lies. he claims at his site that he took the time to outline his problems with c.i. and ask for clarification. because none was given, c.i. is a liar!

a liar!

c.i. read me both of the e-mails that came in from tas and they didn't ask for any such thing. they moaned and bitched about how every body tracks. and tas says 'get better' or some such shit in 1.

tas's concern about c.i.'s health is so touching, no?

concerned on the 13th, calling some 1 a liar on the 18th. when you never asked for a correction or clarification. get real tas, you stupid dummy. you bitched and moaned about how other people track and' i'm not a big corporation so why don't people trust me?'

why don't they trust you? because you call sick people liars because they don't post something from you that you never wrote or asked to be posted.

when some 1 writes you to say that they are sick and were in the hospital all day being poked and prodded and can't really follow your e-mail you then turn around and call them a liar?

am i protective of c.i.? damn fucking straight.

read the post when it goes up, you'll realize what some of us have known for some time. what i warned ron about a week before he slammed the community. they'll probably try to whine 'i didn't know it was that bad.' yeah, you did quit being such little bitches.

so that's your sweet blogsphere kiddos, 2 big bully men who want to beat up on the sick. aren't they tough guys. aren't they swell?

don't you wish there were more like them in the world?

i'll have more to say when c.i.'s post is up. i haven't read it. i've heard the addendum. the addenedum was written at the last minute after dallas e-mailed the post from tas to c.i.
at this point, c.i. knew nothing of it and had just written a post that goes over what went down and in what order.

we've all told c.i. quit taking up for ron, quit defending him. c.i. can be too kind hearted. hearing the voice on the phone though, tas may not get any slack cut for him. i hope that's the case.

i've shared here many times that men think they can bully and push around. i don't stand for it.
i don't put up with that shit and i don't think any 1 else should.

2 little merry maids have gossiped about me and want to play big tough guys, hey bitches, bring it to me if you're so brave and tough.

oh wait, you know i'm not sick. you know i'll call you on your shit.

it's more fun for you 2 to beat up on someone who's seriously ill.

what sick fucks are you?

ronno, let me toss your stolen question from john lennon back to you: how do you sleep?


tas wants time to reply. tas isn't going to reply. he'll say tomorrow 'just quote what i put on my blog' and that will be that. mark my words on this people, mark my words.

c.i.'s too damn trustworthy and wants to see good in people. if you're reading this tomorrow it's because my save to draft for when tas stabbed c.i. in the back was right.