i'm defending lizz winstead so you know that means she's been shit on

well i'm sad. i didn't post yesterday and i'm working with third estate sunday review right now and they're highlighting my salute to jane fonda for women's history month and wanted me to say something about that entry.

i blanked on fonda completely and just talked about how lizz winstead, no brain, is no longer part of air america's unfiltered.

it's like i'm batman and i just heard that catwoman was dead. there's just this huge void that's left. there's still the joker lurking around but let's be honest, audiences always like catwoman more and i bet batman did too.

unfiltered. they seem to think rachel maddow, big brain, can now carry the show herself. as bad as i thought lizz was (and it was bad), she wasn't boring. rachel maddow is snooze time as she tries to demonstrate to us all just how big her brain is.

can some 1 please tell her to shut up. she's like a frankenstein awkwardly veering around.

unfiltered's over if lizz is gone. i'm not sure that's a bad thing.

but i think the way lizz was treated is hideous. and i'm no fan of lizz winstead.

the common ills mocked the direction unfiltered seems to going in. i couldn't agree more. when the duo is sonny & cher, you don't put the money on sonny.

and the audience is enraged. you can't check out the unfiltered blog without seeing people pouring out their anger. there's a subtext here that seems to have especially enraged listeners which is you don't matter 1 fucking bit!

when randi rhodes gets better, will there still be a slot for her show? who knows now!

for some reason, people loved lizz. and now she's gone. and air america didn't explain it to the listeners. they just pulled her photo off the web site on friday. the same day big brain showed how out of it she was with listeners when she spoke of 'tin foil conspiracy nuts.' you know, the sort of shit you expect to hear from scotty at a white house briefing.

rachel has no on air charisma. she's so lame. blah, blah, blah she drones on. never wanting you to forget that she's considered smart.

or as audrey once said on ellen about ted koppel, 'it's like there's only 1 opinion in the world, and it has to be ted's.' that's rachel. pontificating at length repeatedly in her colorless voice, her dull monotone.

and the lesson for listeners is don't get too attached to janeane garofalo or mike malloy or laura flanders because the air america family is not really a family. it's the same old corporate bullshit where the corporation doesn't feel that they have to explain a damn thing to the 'consumers.'

on monday, lizz is on the air doing her usual shit. tuesday she's gone with no explanation but some lame 'lizz is off today.' wednesday is a repeat. thursday rachel's boring us going solo (as she did on tuesday) and still nothing. friday starts out with just rachel and still no word on lizz.
but on the web site, lizz's photo has been pulled and her bio removed.

she's been erased. she's been scrubbed. she might as well have never existed. again, i am not a lizz winstead fan so it's got to be pretty bad when i'm defending her. no 1 deserves that sort of bullshit.

and air america gave the listeners nothing. no excuse and certainly no send off for lizz.

there's a message here and it's that you don't matter and neither do the hosts. you're expendable and so are they. if you don't like it 'fuck you and go elsewhere.' and this is our progressive network?

fans of lizz winstead can send a message to air america by refusing to listen to unfiltered. change your dial or, if you listen online, try stephanie miller's show instead. they've treated you like shit. if that excites your inner masochist, keep listening. if you're not into degradation, find something else besides unfiltered to listen to.