boos and hisses to joey biden and billy keller

well give it up for c.i. yesterday the common ills had a blog post called 'welcome to the new iraq' which once again took the happy talkers to task. after listing some of what was going on this week, c.i. concludes with:

Now does someone want to do happy talk like last weekend about the new Iraq?

bop. bop hillary on her head if you ask me.

known cheater and speech stealer joe biden was on the sunday talk show circuit yesterday, the chat and chew if i can steal from c.i., and was it just me or is all of america saying 'joe, you're cheating off the wrong person this time!'

i mean come on joe. you want to follow a senator, follow a boxer, a feingold. not hillary as she attempts to morph into joe lieberman.

joe's coming off like hillary's lackey as he pushes the notion that she's electable. as if. apparently he thinks he has a shot at getting on the ticket? bald has gone over so well in the past, right?

oh wrong. in fact, have we had a bald president since lbj? have we had a bald vice president?

but keep hooking yourself onto hillary's falling star joe.

let's move to something a little less sleazy . . . well that leaves just about everything.

but let's shoot high and talk about the wonderful kids putting out the third estate sunday review. please make it a point to check them out.

they are doing some great work. every sunday they put out their 'paper' and there's always something worth reading for information, something for giggles, something to make you think.
jesse, ty, ava, dona and jim are just the greatest.

i got to add some input this weekend on some stuff as they were getting ready to go to 'print' and it's always a lot of fun and a free for all exchange of ideas.

the article i want to highlight today is 'being bill keller-vich.' if you don't know bill keller, he is the executive editor of the new york times. and he's been spouting off a lot lately. bill's the little brat at the pool who wants to splash the other kids but when they splash back goes running to mommy going 'oh my hair! mommy, they got my hair wet!'

he wants to slime bloggers and then run back behind arthur ochs and go 'i'm a newspaper man, make them leave me alone, artie!'

so silly billy decides to weigh in that some bloggers are just like a circle jerk.

now normally, anything anyone from the new york times is supsect in my book. i mean, hello, judy miller! and of course, not having a penis, i've never been invited into a circle jerk. (cue janis ian's 'at 17.') but i'll take keller's word for it on this.

why am i so trusting when it comes to keller? well i'm not. but if figure every 1 has 1 area they are an expert in. and i'm guessing that circle jerks are something billy keller knows a lot about and that's he's participated in quite a few. hell, he may still particpate. 'davey sanger, go get safire! bobby pear, go grab tommy zeller! grab all the guys but that tommy friedman! he always cries when he loses!'

in the good news department: janeane garofalo is hosting the majority report tonight with bill scher and if only that could be the case every night. what a great show.