graner takes the fall and john turek jiggles up and down the court -- a tale of bad apples and a mighty cornhusk!

so graner's sentenced to ten years and i'm supposed to be happy? a low level flunky following orders takes the fall for a policy decision and i'm too be comforted?

donald rumsfeld remains as secretary of defense after the torture is revealed? look i know the bully boy's cabinet is long on excuses and short on ethics. i never expected them to take a genuine moral standard. but considering all the money they've pumped into marketing, you'd think they know a public relations nightmare when they see one.

instead graner's allowed to be the fall guy.

graner did horrible things and they were acts of torture. i'm not sitting here dashing off a letter to his parole board. however, graner did those things and did those things. as did others. and apparently every one not in on the torture (except for a whistle blower here and a whistle blower there) was just oblivious.

maybe graner and lyndie maced all americans each time before they engaged in torture? maybe that's why apparently no 1 knew what was going on?

or maybe no one was blind to what was going on. seems more likely based upon what we know. maybe the orders from high up were followed (more and more that seems to be the case). and graner pledging love to flag and country followed orders.

that's no excuse for what he or anyone else did. they deserve to be behind bars. but they don't make policy. they were not in charge of the military or even the prison.

'few rotten apples.' anything happens, it's always a few rotten apples. who could've guessed there were so many 'few rotten apples.' they're here, they're over there using tax payer funds as payola to court armstrong williams. look, there they are outing valerie plame! and those 'few rotten apples' were no doubt behind the misinformation about iraq as well, right?

if you ask me, it's not the apples. that tree is rotting at the roots.

moving from the dickless to 'wowie, he packs a package!' i want to do a shout out to the college male basketball team's uniforms. elaine and i went to sports bar to share gossip today. i saw some games and some highlights. numbers 44, 12 and 11 on nebraska, you impress!

watching them rushing up and down the court, elaine and i had the same thought: "they're not wearing jocks!" after years of 'jiggle tv' referring only to women, it was really nice to sit back and admire the male jiggle. not to mention the way those shorts sport the ass. a jiggle and a wiggle.

surrounded by best buy clerks with expanding waists, it was nice to look up to the tv screens and see some fine pieces of male ass.

44 disappointed me a little because he was my pick for one-man-and-an-island.
that's a game elaine and i play. you're stuck on an island for 6 months and you can only have 1 man. who is it?

john turek, thanks clay from best buy for that information but no i wasn't going to trade you my phone number for it, of nebraska.

so how did he disappoint me a little? he was wearing a t-shirt under his jersey. what was that? some sort of sports bra? was he afraid his nipples would get hard? did he get them pierced? (yum to the last two.) i say pull off the shirts and just run up and down in the court in those package pants. sport it in those shorts!

the nebraska cornhuskers indeed!

at 6 ft 9 inches and 240 pounds, john turek may be the ultimate corn husker. (he's number 44.)
since i still can't find out the acer guy's name, turek of the big corn husk is my current fantasy guy to spend 6 months on an island with.


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