out the door, joe biden, out the door

joe, joe, the loser joe.

why doesn't joe biden just drop out already.

he's not going to draw voters in a general election.  this is joe the joke, joe the war criminal, joe the buffoon.  he's going to be 1 embarrassment after another. 

and people are slowly starting to grasp that.

from 'time' magazine:

The speech was a snapshot of the challenge facing Biden’s campaign. Six months before the Iowa caucuses, Biden looks like the shakiest front runner in years. Though every poll still shows him running atop the Democratic field, since he joined the race in late April, Biden’s support has been cut almost in half. His campaign message has been unfocused, with the candidate caught between advice dispensed by a raft of hired guns, a cadre of old friends and his own instincts. “Biden’s gonna Biden” is how staffers have come to shorthand it. As the Democrats debate where to take the party in the future, Biden can seem stuck in the past: while rivals expressed support for paying slavery reparations to African Americans, Biden was talking about working across ideological lines with avowed segregationists. A 76-year-old man who joined the Senate during the Nixon Administration increasingly seems out of step in a primary dominated by questions of race, gender and inequality. Where others are preaching the virtues of a fight, Biden is urging civility. “There will always be a gap between Joe Biden and the future,” snarked Adam Green, a co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, which is backing Senator Elizabeth Warren.

joe needs to go.

any 1 would be better than joe - that's elizabeth, that's kamala harris, that's cory booker, that's amy klobuchar, that's kirsten gillibrand, that's anybody.

my 1st choice is tulsi gabbard.  after tulsi, bernie sanders is my next choice.

but joe?  i won't vote for him.  he started the iraq war and sold it.  he gave a tribute to bully boy bush just last year.  he betrayed anita hill.  he is wrong on everything including his previous advocacy for the crime bill.

joe needs to go.

out the do', joe, out the do'.  and don't let it hit you where the good lord slit you.

let's close with c.i.'s 'Iraq snapshot:'

Friday, July 26, 2019.  Joe Biden continues to struggle while insisting, "Come at me, bro!"

Starting in the US where the race for the Democratic Party's presidential nominee is on.

25 are seeking the nomination, 20 will be allowed to debate over two nights next week.  The press has declared War Hawk Joe Biden the front runner.

The people have not spoken.

But Joe keeps speaking, keeps putting his foot in his mouth.

America needs Medicare For All.  Joe says "no" while running on Barack Obama's coattails.  There's a problem.

Joe Biden released this new video arguing against Medicare for All, while President Obama himself praised the idea

Guess Joe's not as close to Barack as he likes to claim.

In a new development, Joe has issued a warning, his version of "Come at me, bro."

Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden is out with a stark warning for his opponents ahead of next week's debates. He's saying: if you come at me, this time, I’m ready to hit back. reports.

If you come at me this time, I'm ready to hit back.


A president needs to be ready on day one, Joe.  And supposedly you have all this experience that makes you so qualified.  But you can't handle your first debate?

Joe's an embarrassment.

Which is why support for Joe continues to drop.  And then drop some more.

"Please clap...☹" Though every poll still shows him running atop the Democratic field, since he joined the race in late April, Biden’s support has been cut almost in half.

Whatever Joe does in next week's debate, let's hope he lays off the make up.  I haven't seen so much foundation on anyone since a TV actress with a heroin habit in the 80s.

Joe Biden will forever be the War Hawk who sold the Iraq War and kept it going.  He's not the only one.  Many did so in the US and elsewhere. In Australia . . .


Link to headline article

John Howard is a War Criminal.  He's the forgotten War Criminal because Tony Blair was Bully Boy Bush's lapdog and no one could ever figure out what was lower than a lapdog.  Whatever that was, it's John Howard.

Meanwhile . . .

Reports indicate the U.S. deciding to sanction 67 political figures & senior officials of the -backed Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF militia units) in Iraq on charges of money-laundering & relations with Tehran, said Iraqi MP Haytham al-Jabouri in a TV interview.

True or false?  Who knows.  Haythem is a well known liar with a long streak of lies.  He's also State of Law -- but isn't that redundant?  He's lied about government formation in the past, he's lied about so much.  He also has a history of being seen by the Iraqi people as a tool of Iran.  If people are being declared terrorist by the US government, then they can always fight the charges.  The declaration would only make formal what's been stated by the military brass to the press for years.

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