it's 2018.  2 years from now it will again be non-stop election focus.  whom i kidding?  the year 2019 will start the never ending presidential election focus.  glen ford ('black agenda report') is taking a look at what might happen in a new article:

If Bernie Sanders can remain vigorous until the opening of the Democratic primary season in September or so of 2019, when he turns 78, the self-styled “socialist” with the FDR domestic program and the Harry Truman foreign policy will fare much better with Black voters than he did last time around.
Two factors spelled doom for the 2016 Bernie Sanders presidential campaign: super-delegates, mainly Democratic Party elected officials, many of whom had announced their support for deep-pockets Hillary Clinton long before the primary process had begun; and Black voters, who were still trying to figure out who Bernie Sanders was when the February and March primaries rolled into their states. By the end of the March primaries, the conventional corporate media wisdom was that Black voters were a bulwark of the “moderate” or “centrist” forces within the Democratic Party, while young whites composed the vanguard of the left(ish) Sanders insurgency.
The corporate media pundits got it both right and wrong, regarding Black voting behavior. It is true that Blacks tend to back the Democratic presidential primary candidate that they believe has the best chance of beating the White Man’s (Republican) Party standard bearer in the general election.However, that does not mean Black voters share these “moderate” or “centrist” candidates’ positions on the issues. Blacks are substantially to the left of whites, including white Democrats, on most issues, but believe that keeping the White Man’s Party out of the White House is more important than nominating the most progressive Democratic standard bearer. Thus, the duopoly system compels Black Democratic primary voters to suppress their own progressive instincts for the sake of defeating the GOP.
The overarching necessity to keep the White Man’s Party at bay requires that Blacks resist even the fundamental urge to vote for one of their own. In 2008, Hillary Clinton retained majority Black voter support and the backing of most Black elected officials right up until Barack Obama won the Iowa caucuses -- at which point Clinton’s Black voter base evaporated. If a “brother” could win in an overwhelmingly white state, it was considered safe for Blacks to support him for president.

In terms of their respective politics, there has never been the slightest difference between Obama and the Clintons. Obama became the second corporatist Democratic Leadership Council drone to enter the White House. If Hillary had won in 2016, hers would have been the third DLC presidency.

i have no idea what 2020's race will look like.  none at all.  i won't pretend otherwise.  i do hope we have new blood - no bushes, no clintons.  please let the country move forward and away from the 2 creepy political dynasties.

let's close with c.i.'s 'Iraq snapshot:'

'Every day we stare at the door, waiting for him to come back.' Wether their son, husband or sister is , for 1, 10 or 30 years, wherever in , they share the same unspeakable grief & don't know who to turn to. Their voices need to be heard.

The "disappeared" were not created in Iraq in 2003.  People were "disappeared" under Saddam Hussein.  But the Iraq War was supposed to 'liberate' Iraq.  And the puppets the US installed continued to 'disappear' Iraqis.  Former prime minister and forever thug Nouri al-Maliki disappeared people throughout his first term but then-US President Barack Obama still gave him a second term (even after the Iraqi voters rejected a second term for Nouri).  That second term saw even more Iraqis disappeared and that was one of the issues that led to the rise of ISIS.

Though Nouri wanted a third term, the havoc he brought to Iraq was such that Barack said no.  Instead, Hayder al-Abadi was installed.  The disappearances have continued under Hayder and one debate on social media is whether they are higher, lower or the same as Nouri's disappearances?  The corporate media has not been too interested in the topic to begin with and, during Hayder's term as prime minister, they've ignored the topic and spent their time insisting that Hayder was a strong representative for Iraq and that he had what was needed for a leader -- you know, the same lies that they spent years spreading about thug Nouri.

Future generations of Americans will have to answer for the disappeared, for the fact that their government installed despots and tyrants who abused the Iraqi people.

"Your country said you wanted to bring liberation?  Why would you impose someone who runs secret prisons?"

Questions like that will need to be answered.

The Iraq War continues.  Year after year.  Even when those who started it, like John McCain, die off, the illegal war still drags on.

this fawning obituary of McCain by is an embarrassment. No mention of warmongering. No mention of his lockstep support for Israeli & Saudi war crimes. No mention of the 500K-1M deaths he helped cause in Iraq. Couldve been written by the US State Dept.

Imagine that, Human Rights Watches blows kisses to John McCain.  Hmm.  Where did HRW stand on the human rights of the Iraqi people when the US was going to declare war on them?

There is no mention of Iraq, which is unsurprising given that HRW itself did not oppose the invasion of Iraq:

HRW did nothing to oppose the illegal war.   And now they celebrate John McCain?

McCain was a racist and a war monger.  He was also no friend of veterans.

he also voted against the post-9/11 gi bill, against a bill requiring mandatory downtime for troops between deployments and against pulling ground forces out of iraq. the Disabled American Veterans scored mccain a 20/100 going into 2008 elections.

The press lies.  It celebrates a John McCain and ignores the people.  That's how the press works.  All over the world.  The Iraqi people have been clear throughout the Iraq War on one point: US troops out.  But their politicians are always tempted by gifts and bribes.  And they betray the Iraqi people.  (US politicians betray the American people.  Politicians are not known for integrity -- throughout the world.)

Iraq's political circles are divided over the recent -led coalition's announcement that its military forces will remain in indefinitely

One reason Moqtada al-Sadr is so popular in Iraq is that he has called out occupying forces.  (Press reports since the May 12th election have includes claims that Moqtada is okay with US troops on Iraqi soil as 'trainers.')  Moqtada is the Shi'ite cleric and movement leader whose bloc came in first in the Iraqi elections.

In Iraqi election news, main election winner Sadr calls for million person demonstration/million person united prayers tomorrow, the weekend before first meeting of new Iraqi Parliament which is expected to announce Iraq's new ruling coalition.

Hamza Mustafa (ASHARQ AL-AWSAT) adds:

Dozens of Iraqis protested near the entrance to the green zone in Baghdad over what they say are US plans to keep Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in his post for a second term.

They said Brett McGurk, the US special envoy for the coalition against ISIS, has been ‘interfering” in the negotiations aimed at forming the biggest parliamentary bloc.

“No to America,” the protesters chanted as they pledged not to remain silent to the US embassy’s “interference” in the Iraqi government formation process.

Addressing his followers in a statement, Sadr urged them to hold a million man march against the corrupt.

“Say no to sectarianism, no to corruption, no to division of shares, no to terrorism and no to occupation,” he said.

“Iraq needs a peaceful day of rage to set the stage for building a new Iraq away from corruption and oppression,” Sadr added.

Protests have been taking place in Iraq since the start of July.  They kicked off in Basra where there are so many issues -- including the lack of safe drinking water.

Today salinity index (EC) was measured in Shat al Arab river by Dr al Hassan. Salt concentration ranges between 33.5 mS/cm - 34.0 mS/cm. Seven years ago it was 7.7 mS/cm. The recommended levels should not exceed 1.5 mS/cm! Source:

Basra health crisis: 17,000 admitted to hospitals for water poisoning

Watch ask Basra Governor if he showers with the same water he delivers to residents of or if he uses filtered bottle water. Governor Asaad al-Edani pretended to not hear the question, but managed to hear everything else.
0:14 / 1:18

Press sources: Dozens of demonstrators have gathered in (Garma Ali) area north of Basra, to protest against the deterioration of services.

Main Shatt-al-Arab water station was closed today following the discovery of toxic algae, leaving 150 thousand people in without water, relying completely on polluted RO water—purchase price: $12-14 per 264 gallons and require 3 days wait time.

Exactly when does CBS, PBS, et al plan to cover the issue in Basra with regards to the water?


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