revenge's winter finale

that's Isaiah's The World Today Just Nuts "Aging" from sunday night.

sunday night, 'revenge' aired their winter finale.

they will be back at the start of january.

what a finale.

stop reading now if you haven't watched the episode.

daniel was apparently killed.

the commercials for this episode noted some 1 would die.

it appears it was daniel.


so the f.b.i. agent who's bad (and working for the man going after david clarke)?

emily warned jack when ben told her jack was hot and heavy with the woman.

jack didn't want to believe her and insisted that she was leaving town so how could she be out to get david?

emily said wait and see, the woman would find some reason to stay.

sure enough she did.

but let's do the minor stories 1st.

nolan tried to make amends to crazy eyes.

i don't like this story.

in part because it appears they're going to be lovers.

find nolan a new boyfriend.

victoria went to margot.

what was wrong with frenchie?

she had questions about conrad.

victoria realized she was worried about daniel.

and frenchie revealed she was pregnant.

victoria told her she was still in love with daniel.

daniel and frenchie made up.

but he was haunted by visions of his dead father conrad.

and what a disappointment conrad was.

david talked to nolan about being worried about emily but nolan pointed out she can handle herself.

david talked to his daughter but emily wasn't going to back down.

she was going to find out who was after her father and why.

the f.b.i. agent came to talk to victoria.  victoria told her she knew she wasn't f.b.i. she also told her emily had money and would pay whatever david stole from the man the agent really worked for.  the f.b.i. agent wanted to know why emily would do that but victoria told her she'd have to figure it out for herself.

victoria talks to daniel who is not pleased with his life or actions.  he talks about how it was wrong of him to shoot emily and victoria starts in but he stops her telling his mother that emily forced them to deal with reality.

victoria leaves with a begruding admiration for her son.

she tells david about that.

leaves out the f.b.i. agent.

david has wine for them.

he puts something in victoria's glass.

before she can drink it, she blurts out that she has to be honest with him.

years ago, she came into the beachhouse and stole his laptop so conrad could use it to pin the terrorist attack on david.


she says (i think she was lying) that david told emily that kara (her mother, david's wife - played by jennifer jason leigh) was dead and he told victoria that too.

while she could understand his lying to his daughter, she couldn't understand david lying to her and she felt she couldn't trust him.

david has a look he gives her.

at nolan's party, emily steals f.b.i. agent's phone and tricks it out.

f.b.i. agent confronts her.  she congratulates emily on lifting the phone, she didn't even feel a thing.  but then she knew it was missing and she knew it had to be emily.

yeah, she's working for the man who's out to get david but only because the monster has her mother.

they should team up, she tells emily.

emily tells her to meet her at emily's house in 30 minutes.

she shows up and emily slams her against a wall and grabs a gun.

the woman insists that was in case the monster was around.

they go to emily's home office and the agent pulls a gun on emily.

her mother?  she's with the monster, the monster's her father.

emily's not surprised.

but the agent is when she pulls the trigger.

emily holds up the clip, she took it from the gun.

they fight physically and all over the place.

meanwhile, jack sees something on nolan's computer about the agent and tells nolan to call the cops while, gun drawn, jack runs over to emily's.

emily and the agent fall over the broken railing of the staircase to the ground (like 'amanda' did at her baby shower, remember?).  they land on the table with the agent on top of emily.

she's able to get up and she goes to the office and grabs the gun and the clip as emily tries to get up.

daniel's heard breaking glass and screams.

he was on the beach.

he comes running in as emily is able to stand up.

she sees him and yells for him to get out.

agent strolls in and shoots daniel several times.

(victoria and david next door hear the gun shots.)

she then aims at emily but jack shows up just then and shoots her dead.

emily cradles daniel and tells him he's going to be fine but he tells her there she goes lying to him again.

she tells him that everything about him wasn't a lie (her feelings for him) and he tells her he knows that and then he basically dies.

is he dead?

the commercial promised 1 death.

but the agent is dead too.

so that's 2 deaths if they're both dead.

let's close with c.i.'s '