beware, jane mayer, beware


c.i. has been working for about 6 months to get that bitch jill abramson fired.  (after a group of friends already working on it asked for her help.)  and a friend of mine at the paper just called to pass on that jill's ass got fired.

suck it, bitch.

these little whores who thought they could lie and get away with it - jill her and vag dog jane mayer for example - they don't know what they're up against.

c.i. already ensured that jill's precious little boy didn't get a breakthrough in the music industry.

but jill couldn't stop being a bitch.

and now she's an unemployed 1.

if i were an ugly rat face like jane mayer, i'd start writing about real topics and hoping c.i. didn't come after me for my whoring.

yeah, once upon a time jane wrote about things that mattered like guantanmo.

then barry came into office and jane's tired old vagina began pumping juices.

it was a cult of barack miracle!

so the bitch can get with the program or she can pray forever and a day that c.i. doesn't get her fired next.

on jane it would be so easy.  it involved her boss, the woman her boss is playing footsie with and that woman's husband and the photos c.i. has of that woman's husband having sex in public in central park with other men - plural!

yeah, jane's boss isn't going to want that out.

so pull your s**t together, jane, and stop writing your attack articles where you mock christians.

find a real topic, ugly bitch because an old dog like you won't get taken in by a new family.

jillykins is dead!!!!


jill thought she was on top of the world but she wasn't.

and now she's fired.


not 'quit,' she's fired.

ha ha ha ha ha ha.