dems give republicans a 2010 election gift?

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those are the year end posts at the common ills. i love them all but i think i love the year of living sickly best because it's a real meal. it's got a bit of everything in it.

i love all of the pieces. i've just spent 30 minutes since typing the above as i searched around online for news. is every 1 on vacation? did news stop happening. politico actually has some stuff and i'll notice this piece by lisa lerer & chris frates:

the question to zoom in on in the poll is this 1: 'HC1. In general, do you support, oppose or neither support nor oppose the health care reform plans being discussed in Congress?'

strongly support is 19%; somewhat support is 17%. added together?

36% of respondents supported the health care reform plans.


10% somewhat oppose, 34% strongly oppose. a total of 44% oppose.

now grasp that 34% strongly oppose. viewers with strong positions are more likely to vote in mid-terms. only 19% strongly support the measure. and in the overalls? you got 44% against what barack and the congress are trying to ram through and only 36% supporting. do you not see how this is a campaign issue - and a really big 1.

if i were a member of congress, i'd be a democratic 1. obviously. so if i was in congress right now and looking at those polls, i would be saying, 'we do not finalize this bill until after the mid-terms.' i would insist on that. voting on it before the midterms - by the polling results - indicate we would be handing fuel to the republican party. in december 2010, for example, the same congress will still be present. even if dems lose seats (i think they will), that won't change the balance until after january 2011 when the new congress is sworn in.

so knowing that anything we could push through this month we could still push through in december of this year, i'd demand that we wait until after the mid-terms to do anything.

but dems won't do that. they seem eager to blow it.

so republicans will pick up seats and may even grab a house if they play their cards right.

okay, i noted how every 1 was on vacation. matthew rothschild took accountability for his part in 2008. no 1 else has. but he did so, community wide, you'll see him highlighted more often. as c.i. said last week, 'i don't want blood.' we just want accountability. matthew rothschild is the only 1 who's done that so far. so we'll be highlighting him more. and he's been working hard all week at the progressive. this is from his 'new year's wishes' which went up today:

I wish you joy and happiness, even when conditions around us can get us down.

I wish you love and kindness, even in a world with so much hatred and brutality.

I wish you peace, even as wars rage.

I wish you justice, even amidst all the inequities.

I wish you reverence for the Earth, even as our governments fail to grapple with global warming.

so use the link to read the whole thing and let me point 1 thing about matthew's column: his claim that barack supports a freeze on nukes? no, he doesn't. that was a 2008 position adopted to try to immunize him to criticism of his lack of foreign policy record. i think we saw with barack's refusal to support a landmine bill that he doesn't give a damn about making the world safe from dangerous weapons so, to matthew, i'd argue that we should know better and vladmir putin's remarks this week about how barack blew the chance at a nuke treaty should also be factored in.

now i'll swipe from stan's site to get all the community site posts in from yesterday:

so there you go. and here we go into the new year.