u.s. death toll in iraq reaches 4,000

the number has reached 4,000. 4,000 u.s. service members have now died in the illegal war. 4,000 dead and countless family members and loved 1s who have to deal with the loss.

the illegal war drags on because the 'peace' movement distracts itself pimping bambi as an 'anti-war' candidate when he has demonstrated he's not and, in fact, he's too the right of hillary. but they hate hillary, boo, hiss. so they'll pimp bambi and kid themselves that he'll address the 'israeli situation.' they'll kid themselves over and over that he cares about their other causes and they'll turn around and lie to your face that he's going to end the illegal war.

self-loathing lesbian laura flanders and kicked to the curb tom hayden will tell you that you need to hold barack and hillary both accountable but you'll notice that they only hold hillary accountable. they make 1 excuse after another for barack. he uses homophobia? we'll ignore it! he gets caught in a lie? we'll ignore it.

they'll ignore iraq as well, as they've demonstrated. don't be a loser. don't ignore the 4,000 mark.

by the way, interesting take on bambi's bad speech in the los angeles times:

"I can no more disown him than I can my white grandmother," he said. But the comparison obscures the fundamental difference in the relationships. Forget the casual moral equivalence he makes between a pastor's provocative public rants and his grandmother's private utterances; what's more important is that grandmothers are inherited while pastors are chosen.
At least one way to explain that choice is that by allying himself with Wright (who presided over his wedding and baptized his daughters), Obama sought to anchor and legitimize himself in Chicago's black community, which might not have otherwise welcomed an Ivy Leaguer raised in Hawaii by his white mother and grandparents. Without challenging Obama's claim that Wright "helped introduce [him] to his Christian faith," his choice was also invariably a political one, and a very bad one at that.

it's by gregory rodriguez and zach e-mailed it to me.