the point is ...

1st, thank you to every 1 for their concern. it was nice to read the e-mails and see that expressed.

but i'm not stella dallas.

the whole point of last night's entry was to make sure that no 1 would worry. that they'd see i wasn't falling to pieces.

today, i had flyboy here. i had my 2 best friends elaine and c.i. - so things were good.

if things would have been awful, i probably could have gotten through the day just off everyone's kind words and having 3 people who matter to me so much here.

i'm probably not posting tomorrow. don't freak. i'm just taking a vacation before my vacation.
so we'll be on a plane tomorrow and i'm 1 of those people who needs a shower immediately after getting off a plane, plus i'll probably want to kick back a little.

if i've got anything to say, i'll pass it through mike (who wrote up something for me tonight with his 'Iraq, Watada, Rebecca and Dave Zirin').

let me do the book because i was in too much saturday to get to that. remember that we were talking about the apathetic. they don't read papers (not necessarily a bad thing) or really anything. but they might get (especially the males) an al franken book as a gift. they don't read it all the way through because most people can't. it's like watching a two-part episode trying to turn into an 18 hour mini-series. it just ain't there.

what effect does the book have? (other than boredom.) nothing.

he's not that different. that's what i heard. he's like those people on tv.

probably because he has nothing to say.

but no 1 i spoke to finished his book. (that's true of a lot of non-apathetic people i know.)

the 1 before the new 1, the biggest criticism was over his 'dream' or 'fantasy' of various chicken hawks serving. that's when most people put it down. they didn't think it was funny and pointed out that al hadn't served.

but al, yeah i defended him on this a few times, didn't start the war.

'well he supports it' i'd hear over and over. why's he making fun of republicans who didn't serve since he didn't either and they both support the war?

look, there's only so much defense i can offer to baby cries a lot. i don't care for him.

1 person, who may have been the most educated of the bunch, holds a graduate degree, said it was just a lot of talk. he said he never got what al stood for except that it wasn't anything bill o'reilly stood for. (no 1 had read, or seen, franken's latest book. which is true of most of america.) he said he read the 1st 15 pages and was interested for about the 1st 2 pages. (i loaned him arianna huffington's pigs at the trough, which he hadn't read, and he actually loved that book.) ('actually loved' isn't meant as an insult to arianna. i have the book and i enjoyed it. i just knew he wasn't into reading.) he felt it was 'funny with a point' whereas al's whole point was 'i'm so much better than bill o'reilly.' to which he added, 'if he has to write a book about it, maybe he's not?'

i'm trying to think if i left anything else incomplete from last week. i'm not remembering anything but i'm sure i did.

the point is to say don't worry.