i'm a little sad tonight. blame it on flashpoints. not because of the news they reported from gaza which makes me angry (the events there). but because robert parry was a guest tonight and i really thought he'd offer some kind of support for jason leopold. i didn't hear it.

that saddened me.

jason leopold reported that an idictment was forthcoming on karl rove and now rove's attorney is gleeful and saying that rove won't be indicted.

i guess i expected more from parry than i had a right to?

i didn't expect him to defend jason strongly.

that would have been nice. but i didn't expect it.

i figured he would note stories that had blown up in the face of big media.

talk about the way you can get burned by a source.

he didn't.

he talked (or maybe lectured?) about 'scoop journalism' and how he didn't practice it.

i guess leopold's been kicked to the curb. (i wasn't hearing dennis offering a strong defense of jason either.)

if the story was false (see this story), he got burned by some sources. if.

he's not the 1st to be burned. he won't be the last.

i guess i'll be less quick to defend a reporter in the future.

i don't know mean jason. he's being kicked around. i don't care what he writes on, about or in, i'll defend him. i think he's a good journalist.

because he didn't get support, that only makes me support him more. when c.i. wrote the thing and talked about how sometimes the people who seem the strongest really need the support. sherry wondered if that was a telling statement? it was but c.i. was telling on me. so jason leopold won't be trashed here.

nor will i act like he's done something unusual or awful.

we still don't know the story. the easiest answer is he got burned.

i was talking to c.i. about this and was asked what i was scared of?

scared of jason leopold ending up dead.

scared of what happened to gary webb or james hatfield happening to jason.

he's some 1 i liked before the rove story. the fact that there appears to be a need for every 1 to sort of grunt and snort about him only makes me support him more.

as some 1 who's gone through a really bad time, i know how hard it can be. and i won't turn my back on him or make fun of him.

i do not believe he sat down 1 day and said 'let me create a lie.' there was no pay off in that. he was told some things and he wrote them up.

was he burned?


but it's also true that there are a lot of people right now who've disputed every thing rove's lawyer has ever said. but now this is gospel?

i won't turn my back on some 1 just because it's popular or the 'in' thing to do.

what i will do in the future is this: any reporter on their own are on their own.

what do i mean by that?

i mean if there's no effort to understand what's going on in jason's life right now, i really don't have a need to defend any of the 1s who could be saying something, anything, to support a journalist in a difficult time.

what do i think happened?

a number of things.

a) the indictment that's sealed was against rove but rove hemmed and hawwed and then gave patrick fitzgerald some of what he wanted.

b) or maybe rove wanted to test the waters before he started talking a little. float the idea of indictment and see how it played.

i don't know. i don't believe jason lied.

and i'm not going to rush to prove how 'smart' i am by using jason.

if some 1 sees something he writes, e-mail it. i really don't surf the net so i could easily miss it. but jason's not cut off here. i don't work that way. i'm saddened that others do.

if people want to throw stones, hurl some at me too because i'm standing with him.