hud run by a liar

i'm still a 'robot' in blogger/blogspot's b.s. eyes tonight.

the key word to type (when i post, to prove i'm not a robot) is 'ujkqmqa' - and they've got it in drippy b.s. writing.

on the plus side, c.i. and kat's complaints about how hard it was to read this bullshit obviously resulted in the option to hear the letters since it's unlikely many could read their slanted, curved letters.

again, don't they have better things to do? there were 2 outagges last week.

and maybe they should actually read a site before they flag it as done by a 'robot'?

i can't imagine any 1 read my site and would think i was a 'robot.' they might think i was a bitch, or worse, but no 1's ever accused me of being a robot before.

mike's sick. he's got chicken pox. i spent a few hours at his house tonight talking to his parents. he was asleep the whole time. when i got back here, i wasn't even sure i'd blog because i'm so pissed at this 'robot' nonsense.

i really think it's offensive. and i think they need to check a site before they flag it.

kat posted a new review last night, "Kat's Korner: Richie Havens: The Economical Collection" and is planning to have another 1 up tonight.

i love richie havens but that's not a cd for me - for all the reasons listed in the review. i have richie havens' albums and this is really more for new listeners. there's a richie havens collection i love. it's called resume: the best of richie havens. it has 17 tracks (1 song's a medley so you get 18 songs) on it, only 6 of which appear on the 'best of.'

did you catch kat's review saturday: "Kat's Korner: Neil Young's Living With War -- key word 'Living'"? that's what i've listened to today, neil young's living with war. i agree that the last track is the 1 you ditch quickly. i'm already over that 1. but the rest of the album is really strong and i'm amazed at how many good cds have come out this year. i hope a lot of other people quit playing 'war got your tongue?' because until they do, the war drags on.

i've got some friends coming over tomorrow afternoon to discuss the war and i'm going to try to serve trina's latest 'Pasta salad with avocado dressing in the Kitchen' - i'm not a good cook. i can be talked through over the phone. but i have found trina's recipes to be practical and becky-proof.

so let's do some news and then i'll post this thing (if blogger/blogspot allows me to).

is alphonso jackson a crook or just a liar? he's the secretary of hud (housing & urban development) appointed by the bully boy. the associated press reports that he gave a talk in dallas, tx and told the group present that he refused to grant a contract to 1 company because the representative of the company didn't support the bully boy:

"He came to see me and thank me for selecting him. Then he said something ... he said, 'I have a problem with your president,'" Jackson told the group, according to the newspaper.
"I said, 'What do you mean?' He said, 'I don't like President Bush.'" Jackson told the group, which promotes business opportunities for minorities in the real estate industry.
"He didn't get the contract," Jackson said. "Why should I reward someone who doesn't like the president, so they can use funds to try to campaign against the president? Logic says they don't get the contract. That's the way I believe."

if the story is true, hold on for that, alphonso jackson is 1 more idiot who thinks he works for the bully boy when, in fact, he works for the people of the united states.

dustee tucker, hud spokesperson, says jackson made the whole thing up. so he's a liar?

She acknowledged that Jackson did not tell the audience the story was made up. But, she said, Jackson used the "hypothetical" story to describe the ruthless politics of Washington. She said the secretary was trying to convey that Washington is a place where political opponents, rather than stabbing you in the back, "will stab you in the chest."

i believe the knife was held by jackson and he waved it in a threatening manner. he needs to go. he is not fit to hold that office. is he a liar? let's give him the benefit of the doubt and say he's a liar. the liar then wants to set a tone where you either love you some bully boy or you get no contracts. jackson knew that his story (lie?) would be repeated. that's why he bragged about it. he is unfit to hold that office and his ass needs to be kicked to the curb.