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elaine and i are on the phone, watching the new adventures of old christine together. trina really likes the show and ava and c.i. reviewed it a few weeks back :"TV Review: Don't call her Elaine." so elaine and i figured we'd catch it tonight.

julia louis-dreyfus is funny. the show works best when the kid's not around.

brokeback mountain comes out tomorrow on dvd. i didn't know that. there was a commercial for it just now and elaine hasn't seen it. she's not really a movie person. if you can get a crowd together, she'll go see 1. or if it's a foreign film or a documentary. or that's how she 'presents' to use her jargon. however, i once did find a dvd of miss congeniality at her place. she swore some 1 had brought it over and left it but i still tease her about it.

she'll watch anything if she's got some 1 to watch it with, however. if you show up with a dvd, she'll watch it.

i told her she has to see brokeback. if you haven't seen it, you should too. it's a great movie and jake gyllenhaal is hot.

i had an e-mail about flashpoints - or about what i wrote last week. i was asked why i was trying to be part of the 9-11 coverup? i didn't know i was but the angry e-mail made me wonder, 'rebecca, did you sit on the 9-11 commission and forget?' see on thursday's flashpoints david ray griffin was the guest and i didn't write about that when i wrote about flashpoints on thursday.

the reason i didn't mention is that i didn't hear it. thursdays i do some volunteer/organization work. i have my morning coffee during democracy now and then i'm gone for the day. c.i.'s talk about how we all needed to be increasing our efforts to stop the war made me decided to do more work there. and that's thursday. i've been doing that for some time. i also didn't hear
flashpoints friday because i was traveling then.

but i wasn't trying to be part of a coverup. if i'd heard the interview, i would have noted it. i'm not ruth. she does really detailed reports but i'm not going to note every thing each week. (and i'll never note a thursday show because i won't be able to hear it.) but the interview, as described in the e-mail, is about something you don't hear much about, so i would've noted it if i had heard it.

i wish mike was gay. elaine just got off the phone. college basketball's on and the only 1 i know who is home right now is mike and i know he's watching. but i also know he doesn't want to hear me say/scream, 'check out the bounce on that boy!' and there's a hottie on ucla. i have 2 friends who would watch and enjoy with me (making their own comments) but i didn't know this was on and i doubt they did (so they're probably out still).

if you didn't hear already, the surpreme court refused to hear jose padilla's appeal. adam cohen had a thing in the new york times this morning and i thought at the time 'well that's a pretty way to see the court.' he's calling it 'the kennedy court' and has high hopes for kennedy being a moderate who takes his responsibility serious. if so, we didn't see that today.

and when you get held for no reason, for years and years, by the bully boy and you have no legal recourse, remember that you can think the supreme court for that. souter, ginsburg and breyer were the only 3 justices willing to hear the case.

that really pissed me off. we know the congress won't do anything because republicans control it and so many democrats are happy not to fight, just to roll over. but there's always the hope that the court will represent you. probably because we hear that all the time in films and tv shows, 'well i'll take this all the way to the supreme court if i have to!' you can try but the surpreme court has to want to hear your case.