eric alterman is disgusting - who will save women from him?

blogger's going down in a bit (more maintance). elaine and mike are still trying to decide on topics from democracy now and won't be able to get anything up before it goes down (they will post after) so fly boy says, 'you can blog quick!' i don't know about that but i'm willing to try.

okay, c.i. wrote today about getting 6 different issues of the nation in the mail. the 1 c.i. was noting (first up on the reading list) was 1 i've been waiting on. i keep going 'have you read it yet?' and c.i. would say, 'it hasn't arrived, none of them have.' so i ask on the phone today, 'have you read it?' and the reply is 'what was i supposed to read?'

eric alterman aka the lisper. he's got another 1 of his awful columns and i was wanting to discuss it. c.i. hadn't read it (and said 'please spare me') but asked the topic. lisper's spitting at the war hawks. 'and you've got a problem with it?' c.i. asks. 'let me guess he's right, they're wrong and he's the only one, wait ...'

i wait. 'okay, does he give shout outs?'

'yes!' i reply.

'and they're all men, aren't they?'

that's correct. no woman was right about the illegal war being a bad idea. just men. who will save women from the supposed left heroes.

he lists 11 or 12 names, all men.

naomi klein, who was RIGHT, doesn't get a mention. arundhati roy, not a mention. when you're a little effite elite you have to pretend you got something impressive hanging between your legs so you cowboy up by running after the boys, lisping 'hey boys don't forget me! i want to play!'

no woman is listed.

so think about that and wonder exactly why so many of our supposed brave left voices can't mention women. it's disgusting.

it's not a reflection of what happened. it does appear to be a reflection of their own thinking and, with alterman, it appears to be sexist thinking.

who will save the women on the left from the sexists on the left?

had more but no time.