will the helen thomas attackers apologize?

this is from c.i.:

Now Roberta Flack. Micah e-mailed that he wasn't sure of the WBAI program but Ruth says it's Home Fries which airs from nine to ten p.m. (Eastern Standard Time). Joyce Jones will be filling in as host and she will be speaking with Roberta Flack, fresh from the Apollo. So that's Roberta Flack on WBAI tonight (and you can listen online, remember) and that's Danny Schechter giving a presentation, a free presentation, in NYC Wednesday night.

elaine asked me to note it because she's a huge fan of roberta flack. i like roberta's vocals as well. 'the first time ever i saw your face' is probably my favorite song or maybe it's the duet of 'the closer i get to you' with donnie hathaway?

but she has many wonderful songs and it should be an interesting interview.

this is from media matters:

After the contentious exchange between Hearst Newspapers columnist Helen Thomas, a veteran White House reporter, and President Bush during Bush's March 21 press conference, Fox News host Bill O'Reilly and several other conservative commentators rushed to attack Thomas for asking Bush, since "[e]very reason given, publicly at least," to justify invading Iraq, "has turned out not to be true ... why did you really want to go to war?" In the days following the press conference, O'Reilly has repeatedly attacked Thomas for the question on both his nationally syndicated radio program and his Fox News television program, calling Thomas's question "absurd" and "out of bounds," accusing Thomas of "hat[ing] Bush and try[ing] to undermine everything he does," and even suggesting that if he were Bush, he "would have laid her out." Several other conservative media figures -- including Jonah Goldberg, Fred Barnes, Glenn Beck, and Tucker Carlson -- have followed suit, sometimes with highly personal attacks.
Thomas sparked the contentious exchange with the president by asking Bush, "[W]hy did you really want to go to war?"

so they were happy to pile on helen thomas for asking bully boy why he invaded iraq? will they apologize to her now? will they ask bully why he invaded?

if you missed it, read c.i.'s "NYT: Bully Boy did want to go to war (despite lying to Helen Thomas last week)" which is about how bully boy and tony blair were finally the illegal war on iraq on january 31, 2003. we invaded iraq on march 19, 2003. why did we invade? bully boy knew there were no wmd. so every 1 who mocked helen thomas needs to be the 1st to ask bully boy why we invaded iraq.

i'm stopping here because roberta flack comes on in less than a half hour. but all the ones who tried to dog pile on helen thomas, who asked a question none of them would dare, need to apologize to her now. publicly since they attacker her pubicly.

oh! almost forgot. another senate judiciary committee hearing on the illegal spying of americas tomorrow. here's ruth:

Programming notes for next week. First, Larry Bensky and KPFA will be covering Tuesday's **NSA Hearing by the Senate Judiciary Committee** I assume that other Pacficia stations will carry this or some coverage of it as well but I have only heard it noted on KPFA. [Dallas note: Houston's KPFT will air the coverage beginning at 8:30 a.m. Central Time.]

make a point to listen.