some news roundups just depress

Westboro Baptist has outraged mourning communities across the nation by showing up at soldiers' funerals with signs that read "God Hates F*gs" or "God Made IEDs," a reference to roadside bombs. Members of the congregation contend soldiers are being struck down by God for defending a nation that tolerates homosexuality.

the item above contains a censoring by me. i have a pretty laid back approach to language but i'm not going to have that word, used in hate, on my site. so that's from an associated press article about how that church will no longer picket the funerals of soldiers in states that have laws forbidding them from picketing. i can't believe how disgusting that makes me feel.

hateful people. hateful to gays and lesbians, hateful to the families burying their loved 1s.

i just find it so disgusting.

on the sad front, ann richards has cancer. i've always liked her. she has a real fighting spirit and, hopefully, that spirit will help her through this.

somedays, it's just not worth reading the news.

ok, we're going to move on.

who asked jack abramoff 'what are you benching, buff guy?'

did you guess bully boy?

supposedly, according to bully boy, he barely knows abramoff so what was that? a pick up line?

moving from 1 close friend/crook bully boy's distancing himself from to one he still pretends he barely knew, ken lay (or 'kenny-boy' as bully boy dubbed him) got dissed in court today. andrew fastow, under cross, said 'i had the character to admit what i did was wrong.'

ken lay didn't. maybe that's what he and bully boy bonded over - remember bully boy, in the debates, when asked to name 1 mistake he'd made had to take a pass.

and today is international women's day. kim gandy has a statement on that worth reading.

lastly, check out this from democracy now: "Legendary Actor Vanessa Redgrave Calls Cancellation of Rachel Corrie Play an 'Act of Catastrophic Cowardice.'" i've always liked vanessa redgrave. she's a great actress, she cares about the world around and she's so graceful.

on graceful, elaine is graceful. a number of you have written about a prompt c.i. was giving me to tell a story. i thought it was elaine's story. elaine swears that it's me. c.i. swears it too. i've spoken to 3 other friends from college and they all say i was the 1 who told off perky. i've never been accused of being modest before so it must be my memory's way of trying to teach me modesty. but there was this perky little thing who would always say 'on the other hand ...' to any news. some 1 could say 'i just failed that exam' and she would reply 'on the other hand, you learned a valuable lesson about the importance of studying.' some 1 could say, 'i just got a ticket.' she would reply 'on the other hand, you now know the importance of road safety.'
she'd have this insane grin on her face. it was really freaky. so 1 night, elaine, c.i., another friend and i were at a table eating but mainly talking when the other friend says she thinks she's pregnant and there's perky. actually she said, 'i am afriad i'm pregnant. i know i'm pregnant. i don't know what i'm going to do.' and perky pops up and pipes up, 'on the other hand, now you'll know if he loves you or not.' i swear i still think it was elaine, even with every 1 saying it was me, but apparently i said 'everybody hates you. on the other hand, you'll never have to worry about having any friends.' said in the same sing-song way that perky delivered all her stupid lines and with the same stupid grin. if it was me, and every 1 says it was, good for me. but i swear i still think it was elaine.