news wrap up?

so the cowards (of both parties) in the senate fell over itself to extend the patriot act. army major general geoffery miller won't testify in the case of army sgt. michael smith who was 'creative' with the use of dogs and prisoners. presumably, miller would have either have had to discuss the actual policy or lied. 'cheney urges americans' should save more but you can only stretch a mcdollar so far, dick. in reply, america urged the administration to create some actual jobs and to raise the minimum wage. and bully boy appears to be confessing that osama was part of team bush in 2004! - wonder if karl rove brought him on board?

in the world of media, the new york times has apparently hired linda lavin and america's funniest videos has had to outsource to the czech republic. in entertainment, kat has 2 new reviews completed: "Kat's Korner: Nina Simone -- Golden" and "Kat's Korner: Cat Power's Greatness."

but most of all, and why i delayed my post for later tonight, betty has a new chapter. c.i. had an idea for a way that might help her struggle less with each chapter and betty's really excited about it. though you'll laugh when you read the latest chapter, you won't get why or what's coming up until the next 2 chapters. i think this is what is known as a 'plot point' (check with c.i. on the term).

people are coming to life these days. can you believe the change from two years ago? this is from democracy now:

Bolton Speech Disrupted in New York
And in New York, a group of protesters stood up and held signs as UN Ambassador John Bolton gave a speech at New York University Wednesday. One sign read: "US interests -- torture, illegal war, secret abductions, racial profiling, war crimes," among others, and quoted Bolton's infamous statement that: "Diplomacy is not an end [in] itself if it does not advance U.S. interests."

must have been a shock to him, a week after time magazine fawned all over him.

elaine's got something you should go read right away - if you haven't already read "No quote tonight -- it's already too long." sherry said reading it was like looking at old photographs with friends. i think that's a great way to look at it.

last thought for tonight: have i plugged trina's kitchen? i'm not sure if i have or not. i don't blog on saturdays or sundays and by monday, i'm usually focused on something else. but trina's kitchen is trina's site and trina's offering commentary and recipes. trina's mike's mother and a longterm member of the common ills community so make a point to check out her site. she posts on saturdays.

this is brief, i know. i was wanting to be sure to know betty's latest and it was a long day long before that. though this is brief, i'm kind of shocked by the amount of items we noted. bully boy and osama, dick cheney's foolish economics, go down the list.