bully boy thinks war is funny, do you?

that's isaiah's the world today just nuts.

it's the 3rd anniversary of the illegal invasion. 3 years of an illegal war.

if you don't get the joke bully boy's making about wmd - he made it to the d.c. press corps.

yucked it up about not being able to find wmd.

want to know something even sicker?

the press laughed.

they thought it was all a joke.

we're entering the 4th year of the occupation. over 200,000 iraqis have died.

2317 american military deaths in iraq; 17004 troops wounded.

and bully boy and the press suck up to 1 another in the illegal war he launched, the illegal war they helped 'market.'

you should be disgusted. he can't be. he can't even say 'war.'

the press can't be. they can't even take accountability for their actions.

'and the war drags on' is worth reading every sunday & thursday but especially on the 3rd anniversary.

bully boy won't end the illegal war.

only we can.

so don't let this topic fall by the wayside tomorrow. talk about the war. bring it up with your friends, with your teachers, in classes, anywhere you can, anyway you can.

it's all grins & giggles to the bully boy. there's been no sacrifice for him.

don't let him get away with his illegal war of choice that never should have been launched and that's taking lives each day.

bring the troops home. we can make it happen.

if you're not sure you can do it, read this.