mrs. king

Coretta Scott King, 79, Dies
In Georgia, Coretta Scott King - the widow of Martin Luther King Junior - has died at the age of 79. She had spent her life fighting for civil rights and preserving her late husband's legacy. In April of 1968 she led a march through Memphis just days after Martin Luther King Jr. had been assassinated. Later that year she led the Poor People's March in Washington, D.C. She continued working for equality, peace and economic justice for the remainder of her life, both in the United States and abroad.

is bully boy even speaking right now? i have no idea. that news was like a punch to the gut.

i sit down with my coffee and turn on democracy now and there it is.

i've felt numb ever since.

i put on otis for a few moments but ended up turning off the stereo and spent most of the day in silence.

i'd planned to take care of several things today but i just ended up sitting on the sofa and at some point, it was pointed out to me that it was nighfall and that i was sitting in the dark.

shortly after that, the phone rang. it had rung all day apparently.

i was really out of it.

but it was betty and my reaction is nothing compared to her's. coretta scott king was probably betty's greatest hero outside of her own family. by the way, big thank you to betty for blogging here on friday. she did an excellent job.

she was planning to post and had 2 different views on it. 1 was coretta scott king carried on so she should blog. the other was that she wasn't in the mood to be funny.

i asked her what she really wanted to do and she said she really felt like crawling under the covers as soon as she got her kids to bed. i think that's what she should do.

i'm wiped out by the loss and betty's torn apart by it. betty said c.i. told her the same thing and said 'i'd be going to bed right away too if i hadn't posted that i'd be doing the bush commission post.' i really think that's the smartest thing to do (and wish c.i. would but doubt that will be the case).

'partners in marriage' is the jargon we like to bandy about now days. but the fact is coretta scott king was a partner in mlk's work. she was involved in the fight for equality before she met mlk and she continued to fight after he passed. they both believed in equality and they both fought for it. she continued the work and . . . what do you say?

classy woman, strong fighter, trail blazer and inspiration. rest peacefully mrs. king.