maria and martha and me coming tonight, watch for it!

so jim's on the phone and the peace has been pulled off the table.

not by us. by her.

you know who i mean.

the cowardly voice.

who has no opinion on the war.

who has nothing to do but yank everyone's chain about tv crap. not examing it, just running off at the mouth about it as though she were a pre-teen.

that's not really true. actually it's nothing but a lot of links and a few sentences of 'comment.' kat had a delicious parody of the woman's writing style but i won't swipe from kat because she may want to post it now.

so jim's telling me about the note that will go up explaining the hell we all went through when this woman made a last minute 'sincere plea for peace' or 'desire' or 'wish' or whatever the fuck the claim was.

you know for someone who gets snippy with every 1, and i mean every 1, about her own words, it's awful strange she can distort kat or any 1 else.

she's always right! even when the world screams back 'you are wrong!'

so mike's got the goods in terms of a guy. jim tells me and for a 2nd i'm thinking, 'damn it! that should have been mine!'

then i get the noodle cooking and think, 'hey where my girls at?'

right here tonight.

maria and martha and me.

shooting the shit, talking the talk.

i don't usually do sneak peaks or 'next time . . .' entries but i had to come in here to delink any way.

huge thanks to maria and martha for agreeing to talk it up public and keep it real.

check back later tonight. you won't want to miss it.