la times sends a message

Lynda e-mails to ask why I haven't noted Robert Scheer's firing by the LA Times? Because the community hasn't noted it. I know Scheer and don't want to be accused of using this space to promote writers I know. So, since no one brought it up, I haven't brought it up here.
Since Lynda's now brought it up, what Scheer says on today's Democracy Now! is what's being said (loudly). It's also being said that the paper's leadership is willing to crawl (through glass?) on it's knees to prove their bonafides (right wing bonafides) to a group still smarting over the pre-election Gropinator coverage.
In terms of Scheer's remarks on Democracy Now!, I'll add one point. The LA Times isn't a national paper (as they damn well know -- they attempted to kill distribution to D.C. but that didn't go over well). So I'm confused as to why California based Scheer will be replaced with, among others, DC based Jonah Goldberg (or will he be sleeping on Judith Regan's couch?).Was not one of the problems (one of the many problems) with Michael Kinsley's reign the fact that Kinsley wasn't based in California? Now Goldberg, who already has a syndicated column, will be getting space in the LA Times. Why? He's on CNN already. How much of Goldberg do Californians need?
Myself? I don't think they need any. I rank this as the worst thing the LA Times has done since an editor passed on a smear about Jean Seberg and vouched for the source to get it into print. Then he attempted to claim a faulty memory when, years later, it was discovered that Seberg had been targeted by the FBI and that the smear that popped up in the LA Times was in fact one devised by FBI agents. (Sure was lucky for the editor involved that he had a Reagan-like memory, no?)
If anyone wants to express themselves, the phone number for the LA Times is (213) 237-5000. Letters to the editor can be sent via letters@latimes.com

the above is from c.i.'s entry this morning at the common ills. if you need more on this topic, check out:

LA Times Fires Longtime Progressive Columnist Robert Scheer
The Los Angeles Times newspaper last week announced that it was firing longtime columnist Robert Scheer. Scheer has been at the Times for 30 years and was one of the most progressive voices at the paper. In recent years, his columns took on the Bush Administration and its justifications for the invasion of Iraq.

the dixie chicking of america has not stopped and robert scheer's firing is proof of that.

at a time when his columns carry sentiments echoed by the majority of americans, what's the point of firing him?

well for 1 it sends a message to others in the press and for 2 it removes a strong voice.

c.i. makes a strong point about how jonah golberg lives in d.c. so what the hell is he doing writing for a paper called the los angeles times in place of an actual resident of the area?

the la times didn't just fire robert scheer, it sent a message to americans that if you feel like he does, the majority of americans, you're opinions aren't needed and will not be noted.

this is a big deal. tuesday there's a protest:

Bob Scheer was one of my editors at Ramparts. He is one of America’s top reporters and commentators. He’s been with the LA Times for thirty years and he’s been fired for what appears to be political reasons. Activists in Los Angeles are protesting tomorrow at the LA Times:
"Last Friday, LA Times Publisher Jeff Johnson firedRobert Scheer who had worked there for 30 years,the last 12 years as a weekly columnist.
"Robert Scheer's Anti-War Voiceis Critical. Los Angeles Times readerswill not Tolerate the Paper's Op-ed Pages Tilting Further to the Right with the firing of Scheer and theHiring of Far-right Columnists Max Boot and Jonah Goldberg with No One Holding Scheer's Spot As the Voice of Peace.
"A delegation will also demand a meeting with publisher Jeff Johnson, who reportedly has privately told people that he hated every word that Scheer wrote. We want to read full-spectrum of voices in the LA Times and know that our daily newspaper will fully cover the anti-war movement in Los Angeles."
WHEN: Tuesday, Nov. 15 at Noon
WHERE: Outside, LA Times BuildingFirst Street Entrance202 W. 1st St. (at Spring St.)Los Angeles, CA 90012
LAObserved.com for latest developments.

that's from danny schechter's news dissector. and if you're reading this other than on monday the 14th of november, the link will take you to the latest news dissector. which i think is a good thing. people should make a habit to check out danny schechter.