senator meow meow, new tribe ministries

loving the e-mails and beatrice, a lot of people remember your lucky from the diet coke ads.

corrie e-mails to gripe about johnny depp getting so many votes and feels that's only because 'he's been in every damn movie for the last 5 years.' that may be true but it's also true that corrie didn't vote. sorry but if you don't weigh in, you've got no right to complain after.

i'll also i loved c.i.'s post last night. sherry did too but wrote asking where the title was? it doesn't have a title which probably means c.i. was hurrying to get to bed and didn't notice that there was no title.

let me do a thing from democracy now since elaine can't post tonight and mike wants to get the word out on the show.

SEC Subpoenas Frist’s Financial Records
The Securities and Exchange Commission has subpoenaed Senate Majority Leader Dr. Bill Frist to hand over personal financial records related to his recent sale of stock in his family’s company HCA, the Hospital Corporation of America. The SEC is investigating whether Frist violated insider trader laws when he sold off HCA stock shortly before the company’s stock value fell. HCA is the largest private hospital corporation in the country.

senator meow-meow just keeps having problems. i hear a lot of talk with people speculating that the long arm of the law finally got wise but my friend thereze swears that what happened is that bully boy doesn't want frist to run for president in 2008 and is clearing the field for jeb or some 1 else.

whatever the reason, somewhere millions of cats are celebrating with a big ball of yarn.

i hope everyone saw mike's interview with tracey yesterday. if you didn't here's a taste of it where tracey's talking about her grandmother ruth:

She puts in the time for it. How proud is everyone of Ruth?
We are so proud of her. She was really sad after my grandfather died and that was hard to see because I don't think I'd seen her sad before. Not like that. They were married a long time and they really loved each other so it was really hard on her to lose him. It was hard on all of us but after a few weeks, I think everyone was just concerned about her. She's a great cook and we all go over on Sundays but we all go over during the week. You can't step through the door without her asking if you're hungry and whipping you up something. But she wasn't eating that much and she lost a lot of weight. It was really hard on her. She took it real hard.

ruth is wonderful and her voice is a really important 1 to me. i got to meet her face to face and tracey as well when we were all in d.c. for the protests at the end of september. tracey's got a strong family and ruth's 1 of the reasons. i also got to meet ruth's best friend, her life long friend treva, who ruth always says i remind her of. i will take that as a supreme compliment because treva rocks.

be sure to read c.i.'s 'other items' for today because i knew nothing about new tribe ministries but i get the feeling there's going to be a push by the anti-hugo chavez faction to use the expelling of the group as evidence of chavez being evil. the group is very fishy and has a long history in venezuela. i spent about 3 hours today hunting down information and they're connected to corporations who just happen to donate to them and then the 'missionaires' just happen to end up stationed in areas where there are materials that the corporations who sponsor them are in. there is a great deal to be found about them and c.i.'s right this is public record, just not in this country.

so watch to see if the new york times or any 1 else tries to paint them as a poor, put upon group. there's a lot more going on.

and to seth i say, 'blog when you can, seth.' if you miss a day, you miss a day. it's not the end of world. when you're new it does help you get more readers if you're blogging every day but if you are in it for the long haul it doesn't matter. so just keep blogging and don't beat yourself up for things you can't control. seth writes seth in the city and if you haven't checked it out, you should.

and let me note elaine who found a cartoon by isaiah that i didn't. i thought i was hunting down most of them yesterday but she found irma la dunce and i so wish i had found that 1.