welcome back folding star, you were missed!

i want to take a moment to steer you to folding star's a winding road because folding star is a common ills community member and has had a killer week with finals and jury duty.

a winding road and i started up around the same time. i'm not sure which of us was 1st.

but there were times early on when we both would feel a little lost and might go a day without posting and then feel guilty. or think, 'i missed a day! how can i ever blog again?'

we were both feeling our way and finding our voice so i always feels a closeness to folding star as a result.

i think my screeds have found their consistent voice and people know what they're going to get from me. folding star has found a voice too. it's a more calm and reasoned voice than mine and it covers the senate and i love what folding star brings to the table.

it's been said before, but that folding star really is such a smarty.

and when we've all worked together at the third estate sunday review, that comes through even more than it does at the site because you can hear the laughter and i wonder sometimes if people get it when folding star's being humorous?

i know there are times when i'm being humorous about something and people will miss it.
short of saying 'i'm being humorous' or typing a smiley face :) there's no way to let people know.

but i think folding star is a really important voice and with finals and jury duty there wasn't time to post at a winding road for most of the week.

now that folding star's back to posting, i want to take a moment to highlight some 1 i consider a strong voice and a great friend.

As for myself, I was doing plenty of looking around (the jury chairs look very comfortable, I'm glad to say, just in case I do wind up sitting in one for several hours!), and a little worrying (it was Finals week, after all. If I was called for a case that day, I'd either have to ask to be excused or give up a lot of precious studying time. Luckily, I wasn't called).

that's from the return to posting and folding star is talking about jury duty selection. i really enjoyed that entry.

trying to make sense of what the senate filibuster means, read this entry:

The 'compromise' only specifically stated that these three nominees would not be filibustered, so I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens next. All eyes are of course turning to the Supreme Court and potential retirements as the current court session comes to a close.
I have to say that I, along with many other progressives, held this exact potential occurrence as the top reason for removing Bush from office last November. The idea that this man could (and probably will) be nominating someone to the Supreme Court is chilling, and it's made more so by the current make up of the United States Senate.

and as for reasons for removing bully boy from office, this was 1 of mine as well so i say amen to that.

and folding star also took part in the latest operation circle jerk. for those who don't know, bill keller sneeringly referred to blogs as circle jerks. as i've noted here before, if bill keller says it's a circle jerk, who am i to argue? as a woman i certainly couldn't participate in a circle jerk. but if bill keller wants to reveal his expertise on circle jerks i will not say 'too much information, billy!'
i will applaud him for bravely addressing the very real issue that so many young boys experiment sexually with 1 another. you go, billy!

bill keller was not admitting to circle jerks on his own. see the above should have made you laugh because i was being sarcastic. and most of my readers get my sense my humor by now.
but that's the sort of thing that i mean you almost have to write 'i'm being funny' or else you have to put a smiley face up for people to get it.

but truthfully, why does bill keller feel he can weigh in on circle jerks? :)

so if we're circle jerkers, let's use the term proudly.

when i use operation circle jerk, it's been to refer to an editorial at the third estate sunday review and our efforts to make sure that the issues are as known as we can make them. that means betty, folding star, kat, c.i. and me will post the entry in full. we share common readers. members for the common ills before c.i. says 'we have members, we are not a blog' :) but by all getting behind 1 editorial we can be sure that every visitor (or member, c.i.) that visits our sites had a chance to see the editorial. (both editorials have been on the downing street memo.)