thank you to all the people who e-mailed and nightline on memorial day will be reading the names of soldiers who've died since last memorial day

well i thought i'd get online, read a few e-mails and then write a post. i've been online for some time now. i had no idea c.i. was going to note my birthday at the common ills. but what sweet e-mails and e-cards you all sent. that was really thoughtful of every 1 so thank you all.

sherry noted in her greeting that i shared stevie nicks' birthday. that i knew and have always fround it a secret thrill to share a birthday with the priestess of rock. sherry asked what my favorite song by stevie nicks and i wish i had 1 answer.

it might have been when we were all working on the third estate sunday review 1 weekend, but that question actually popped up then. c.i. and jess both knew their answer right away 'sara.'
ava picked 'landslide.' dona picked 'gypsy.' ty went with 'dreams' and 'stand back' (he really loves prince and prince plays on 'stand back'). jim said 'gold dust woman.' kat thought and thought and i was feeling good because she didn't have an answer right away because betty did.
betty said 'leather and lace.' kat finally picked 'edge of 17.'

stevie nicks is 1 of my favorites and i'm not sure to this day how i could pick just 1. but i can tell you my favorite album, it would be wild heart. that was actually my sister's but she didn't want it. i can listen to that album all the way through over and over. i'm not sure whether my favorite song on the album is 'wild heart' or 'beauty and the beast' but i love it all.

'you were gone, you were gone from me, when i remember someone i remember their dreams, in those dreams that no 1 knows of, my destiny says that i'm destined to run.'

that's from 'enchanted' which is another song on wild heart that i just love. there are very few albums i know all the words too but wild heart would be 1 of the few that i do.

in terms of more political topics, i saw this on democracy now:

Nightline To Read Names Of Dead
And, more than a year after a firestorm of controversy surrounded Ted Koppel's reading of the names of more than 800 U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq, ''Nightline'' plans a Memorial Day broadcast where they will read the names of the 900 who have died since then.

i had a whole thing i planned to write today about the democrats blocking john bolton's nomination but then i read all those nice e-mails and just wanted to say thank you. i'll do an entry this weekend (probably tomorrow night) and not be so marshmallow centered. but i am touched by the all the e-mails and want to say thank you.