isaiah the common ills new cartoonist

as readers of the gina & krista round robin already knew, the common ills was getting it's own cartoonist. community member isaiah will be contributing editorial cartoons from time to time.

when i spoke with isaiah, i asked him to tell me something he hadn't told gina and krista because i didn't want to blow their round-robin.

so isaiah told me that first off, he's working in ergo soft staedtler water color pencils for his editorial cartoon. it will be called 'the world today: just nuts.'

he said he's nervous about whether or not the community will enjoy it. i assured him that all contributions are appreciated and since no one's doing anything visual at the common ills currently, he'll be setting the pace for members. (any of the member who does a visual there after will judged based on what isaiah's contributed.)

isaiah said that no 1 had asked him what he felt his strengths were. so i asked, 'what are you strengths' because i can take a hint!

isaiah said foregrounds will always be stronger than backgrounds.

the 1st cartoon is based on condi rice's statements and attitude towards latin america which made her a 'bully to do the bully boy proud' isaiah notes. the cartoon was done on friday and sent in on saturday but delayed as c.i. attempted to figure out which program would work with blogger (not a lot will). the hope was to have it up on sunday but there wasn't time to do some training (i was c.i.'s teacher so blame me for any errors or mistakes).

i asked isaiah if he'd ever be willing to do anything for me (like ... a really hot drawing of christian parenti or dahr jamail!) and he said to give him some time and he would try it but his cartoons are 'cartoony' and probably wouldn't be what i was looking for.

i think they're great. (i've seen two others that may go up at the common ills. may because isaiah just sent those in to share with c.i. and hadn't intended that they be posted.)

i asked isaiah what his inspiration was and he said the news for the subject and in terms of arts 'tons of comic books and mad magazines when i was a kid.'

i hope every 1 will make a point to check out what isaiah will be doing over at the common ills. gina & krista's round-robin will contain the first cartoon as an attachment you can download so look for that in your inboxes friday.