our bendy buddy harry reid

this evening, i want to draw your attention to the third estate sunday review's "Harry Reid: Determined to lead us to the promissory note land?" which, disclosure, i helped on.

if you missed it, after all the 'fight the social security battle' talk, after everyone stood firmly on the left, some dems are now ready to sell us out.

that's no real surprise. and maybe it's why bully boy's recent staged events re: social security get less and less attention.

who'll cave next? i have no idea. but we need to seriously address the issue of minority leadership in the senate because harry reid is doing a lousy job.

what issues won't he cave on? that's the basic thrust of the third estate sunday review's humorous piece so please read it.

it's becoming really disgusting. and i've got three letters asking me to donate money to the democratic party that piled up this weekend. one is telling me what 'nancy' needs. that would be nancy pelosi. i'll mark her higher than i will harry reid, but here's a hint, start addressing the needs of the party membership and stop begging for money.

anti-choice harry reid was never the right choice to begin with. he's been badgered into standing up bill scher of liberal oasis has done an especially good job on that from day 1. but unless we're planning on embedding bill scher into harry reid's life 24 hours a day 7 days a week, it's time we start thinking about this.

i don't think the democrats have the guts to remove harry reid before the 2006 elections.

they should, but they won't.

so we need to figure out what qualifies for leadership in the future. harry reid isn't it. little wimpy, corporate invested, anti-choice whining harry reid who bends from the waist everytime the wind blows isn't a brave leader. the democrats can do better.

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