air america held hostage day 7 as rachel maddow continues to terrorize listeners with her own brand of boredom

so my best friend checks out unfiltered and the blog today and tells me it's hideous.

no surprise there.

she said she really was dreading going to the blog. when she did she saw a lot of new names. and all that talk from ringers earlier in the week about 'guys we need to focus on the real important issues! not on what happened to lizz!' was long gone. they were talking about movies and other non-life alerting things.

'1 idiot, while i was on, tried to say, "lizz likes to leave. she creates something and she leaves. she's happy." and i couldn't believe how bad these ringers will lie. they know nothing about the daily show or why lizz left. another idiot, bonzo who has posted before, said "lizz wants us to support rachel!" i love how lizz hasn't spoken publicly once but you have all these idiots pushing
this shit. and i kept looking for conner or n69 or or ryan or martha or jimmy or james or any 1 i knew. they weren't there. i'll assume they've found some thing better to do with their time then waste it on unfiltered without lizz. pam has always been an idiot and she was still around lusting after rachel, no big surprise there. they're such idiots. judging by the blog today, you've got 1 bonzo who's trying to convince himself that things will get better. you've got pam and a few over the other 1s who always worshipped rachel. that was never a big crowd. rachel didn't read the blog. lizz did. and then you've got some people, a few, i saw 3 who were speaking up for lizz and were long time members. although some idiot, probably pam, had to try to claim that yummy soup was posting under another name. pam's such an idiot. she always insults the blog when she signs off with "now i have to go do important things so you guys have fun!" implying that the ones who stay don't have important things to do. hey pammie, i only had that block of time available because some 1 had to cancel a session. don't tell me about your important life. anyway it's obvious that the blog has died. what i'm talking about is that you have the same people posting so it looks active but it's not. the blog used to have tons and tons of people posting. now it's pretty much 20 people. the show's dying and they don't even know it.
and as i told them, they aren't doing rachel any favors by claiming the show works. it doesn't.
i don't plan to go back unless they fire rachel and then i'll be there to say to pam and the rachel groupies, "hey, we're just listeners! corporations are entitled to privacy!" and all the other bullshit things they type. rachel can't carry the show. that's obvious. and when rachel gets canned all these rachel freaks we'll find out that the ringers air america has been sending to the blog pretending to be listeners will be back and saying "guys we need to move on!" and i have no idea how they'll be able to argue back since they completely rolled on over this. they should be ashamed of themselves.'

what about the lizz fans?

'they're gone. i mean they're done with the show. and there's no way they're coming back for this shit. i wish i had gone on last week or at the start of this week to say goodbye to them because there were some good 1s. but judging by the blog as it was today, the show's lost about over 1/2 their audience. and remember this is with the ringers coming in and chatting up rachel. imagine how much lower the ratings will sink after people realize the show's not getting any better?'

anything else?

'yes, this idiot e-mailed me. wasn't a name i knew from the old days of the blog. wasn't any name that was on the blog today. but realitygirl87 e-mails me to say, "hey, girl, what have you been up to? i haven't seen you in forever. i understand that you miss lizz but she wanted to go. she can't tell people this but she's really sick and wanted to move on to other things. she asked that we all show our support for rachel and get behind her. she said she's happier now and just wants to be sure that we keep supporting rachel." i wrote back, "fuck off you shit head. you haven't spoken to lizz. if she were sick and telling people that, we'd all know it. i don't know if you work for air america or if you're rachel's girlfriend susan or maybe her mommy but don't ever write me and act like we know each other. i've never heard of you and the reason for that is you are a phoney bullshit fake. real cute how you could have posted that to the web for every 1 to see but instead e-mail me privately and act like we know each other and you have some info that you don't have." but that's what someone's doing. and it's sick. lying and saying lizz is ill to try to prop up this lame ass show. who ever is spreading those rumors needs to be ashamed.'

so that's what it's coming to. now, to make it look like rachel can carry the show, some asshole named realitygirl87 is spreading rumors that lizz left because she's sick. as every 1 knows now from the limited press coverage, she didn't leave because she's sick. whether she was fired or quit in the face of pressure - to tone down support for abortion rights (a popular rumor) .

i don't know why lizz left. but people are e-mailing this site saying that certain people in power were complaining that she was pushing a candidate for senator in pennsylvania that wasn't junior-the-chosen 1. and that air america didn't want to offend some powerful democrats.
is it true?

could be. makes more sense than the nonsesne that she chose to leave for health reasons. or that absurd lie that she likes to create something and then move on.

if air america doesn't like the rumor that lizz was pushed out because she offended right leaning democrats in power with her strong support for abortion rights, all they have to do is get honest about why she's no longer with the network.

there are other rumors. and maybe they're true and maybe they're false.

supposedly clear channel is saying they could carry those 3 hours on all their stations if they were hosted by a man. they're supposedly telling air america that early in the morning, listeners want to hear men. (clear channel doesn't air unfiltered on all stations and on some it doesn't play live but late in the night.) so don't be surprised if rachel finds herself with a male host if that rumor is true. or even if rachel gets kicked out on her big brain ass to be replaced by a male or a male and an even weaker ass woman.

see rachel's weak but she's still a lesbian and it's thought by those who believe the clear channel rumors that having forced lizz out, they'll now start claiming data that shows rachel offends listeners and they don't want 'sexual politics' in the morning.

what's going on?

air america knows. they just don't want to tell the listeners and that's pretty disgusting.

it's also pretty disgusting that while arguing about media monopolies, 1s being created that shuts out local programming.

lizz is gone and they don't give a goddamn about the listeners's feelings there.

the e-mail address is sexandpoliticsandscreeds@yahoo.com and if you've got a theory, a fact or a rumor send it in unless you're realitygirl87 because i don't need your lies and justifications.

before i got married (and then divorced) i worked in public relations. any 1 could have told air america that you do not create a vacuum. when you do that, someone comes along to fill it in.
if they're unhappy with the questions people are raising, they have only themselves to blame.
they bungled it. it's a public relations nightmare.

and some idiot is under the impression that it will just go away. that's not reality-based and makes you question the judgement skills of the network. and these were supposed to be media savy people!

rachel maddow continues to induce comas. air america continues to act like nothing happened. unfiltered continues to suck.